Know Your Chicken Feed!

Get familiar with some of the types of feed available for chickens
chicken feed

Types of chicken feed available:

MASH: When warmed, it is great for cold winter temperatures and is usually ground to various degrees of coarseness.

PELLETS: These help cut down on waste because of their compressed shape and are a complete form of balanced nutrition.

CRUMBLES: Typically, these are crushed pellets and take longer to eat, which helps reduce boredom, but crumbles are easily wasted.

SCRATCH: Think of this as candy to a chicken. Feed it sparingly, and do not feed it to chickens under eight weeks of age. Scratch is high-energy food made from cracked corn, wheat or oats. It is not meant as a food source, but as a treat.

GRIT: This usually consists of sand and small pebbles. The chicken’s gizzard grinds up grains and plant fiber by using the grit. Grit is not necessary when you feed chicken pellets or crumbles.