Bad Ass Slingshots’ Junior Bowfisher Is Crafted For Youth

Sling-bowfishing just got much easier for interested youths with the all new Junior Bowfisher slingbow from Bad Ass Slingshots.
Bad Ass Slingshots Junior Bowfisher

Bad Ass Slingshots designs its products from archery, bowhunting, bowfishing and survival enthusiasts of all kinds — and that includes those who are just starting out.

The company has announced the launch the Junior Bowfisher, the industry’s first grow-with-you slingbow specifically designed for youth.

While the Junior Bowfisher can easily be used to shoot standard arrows, the premise of the product’s launch is to get more youth out on the water for action-packed sling-bowfishing fun.

The Bad Ass Slingshots Junior Bowfisher Slingbow delivers amazing performance for most youth with draw weights ranging from 15 pounds at 15 inches draw and 25 pounds at 20 inches draw.

As youth shooters grow beyond the reach of the Junior Bowfisher, this grow-with-you program includes a $50 buy-back credit on the purchase of a Bad Ass Slingshots upgrade.

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