VIDEO: Typhoon Soudelor Lifts China Airlines Plane

Typhoon devastates China and Taiwan.
Typhoon Soudelor
Typhoon Soudelor|Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Typhoon Soudelor was strong enough to lift a China Airlines plane off the runway. The typhoon battered both Taiwain and China and was reportedly the worst storm of 2015. According to The Weather Channel, the natural disaster took at least 34 lives and left a number of people missing.

An Associated Press article read:

In Fujian, strong winds caused power outages to more than 1.41 million households before the storm made landfall, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Three airports were closed and more than 530 flights canceled, while more than 7,000 soldiers and police were on standby, provincial authorities said.

Typhoon Soudelor also hit the island of Saipan, where about 400 homes were devastated, according to Al Jazeera, but no lives lost.

  • litesong

    During WWII in one of the Pacific Island combat zones, a typhoon was approaching one of the island air bases. The decision was made to fire up the bombers & fly them into the wind of the typhoon…….WITHOUT the planes lifting off of the runway. As the winds hit the air base, the pitot air speed indicators showed take-off speed & above, but the planes did not move relative to the runway.