President Obama Adventures With Bear Grylls in Alaska

The president's trek with Bear Grylls will air this fall.
President Obama takes selfie with Bear Grylls during the taping of "Running Wild With Bear Grylls" in Alaska.|Photo by The White House Instagram

The Today Show had a sneak peek of President Barak Obama’s Alaskan adventure on “Running Wild With Bear Grylls.” The president’s three-day trip to Alaska was not only to appear on Grylls’ show, but to discuss and observe the impact of climate change in the state.

The episode was taped on Sept. 1 during Obama’s hike to Exit Glacier in Seward, Alaska. Grylls is known for featuring many celebrities on his shows, challenging them to push themselves as they would have to in survival situations and making them eat strange “foods.”

Luckily for President Obama, the Today Show clip shows Grylls cooking up a piece of salmon that has been partially eaten by a bear — which, if you watch the show, is not the worst he could have eaten. Although the president called the fish tasty, he did say that Grylls was a mediocre cook.

President Obama posted a selfie with Grylls on the White House Instagram account, saying he was glad Grylls was the only bear he encountered.

Viewers will have to wait until sometime this fall to find out what wilderness challenges the president faced. The episode will air on NBC. To watch the clip from the episode, visit