10 Ways to Participate in America’s PrepareAthon!

With National PrepareAthon! Day right around the corner, make sure you've participated in the prepping efforts.
National PrepareAthon Day! is on Sept. 30.
Get ready for National PrepareAthon! Day on Sept. 30 by participating in any of these ways.|Photo by FEMA

September is National Preparedness Month, and many are looking forward to the fun of National PrepareAthon! Day on Wednesday, Sept. 30. But have you participated enough? To make sure, check out this list FEMA put togher of 10 ways to participate in America’s PrepareAthon!

1. Access Alerts and Warnings

2. Test Communication Plans

3. Assemble or Update Supplies

4. Drill or Practice Emergency Response

5. Participate in a Class, Training, or Discussion

6. Safeguard Documents

7. Document and Insure Property

8. Make Property Safer

9. Conduct an Exercise

10. Plan with Neighbors

FEMA has also put together guides on how to survive varying natural disasters, which can be found at http://www.community.fema.gov/take-action/hazards. Click on the links below to download the PDFs:

To find out where preparedness events are happening near you, visit http://www.community.fema.gov/activities. This week National Preparedness Month is focused on how to handle and prepare for power outages. For more information on National Preparedness Month, visit http://www.ready.gov/september. To learn more about National PrepareAthon! Day, visit http://www.community.fema.gov/about.