If you could take only one weapon with you in your bug-out kit, then make it a rifle. Post-disaster situations mean you may need a weapon to serve self-defense, security and hunting duties. A rifle easily covers these requirements, allowing a user to keep distance between you and an adversary, and distance can mean the difference between surviving or not.

Grocery stores may permanently be closed due to the emergency and a rifle allows you to hunt game and literally provide food for the table. When food is scarce, hunger is a powerful motivator. Even domestic animals like dogs can turn to form packs; rifles can protect you from those starving fangs. Looters think they might have free reign when the power is out. Securing what is left of your home or business is your right.

Rifles are easy to shoot more accurately compared to handguns, and many are adaptable to fit shooters of different statures. In a post-disaster situation, your rifle may need to be used by fellow survivors or family members. Choosing a rifle is a personal choice depending on a user’s level of experience with a weapon, anticipated needs and ammunition availability.

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bushmaster.com; 800-883-6229

colt.com; 800-962-2658

Daniel Defense
danieldefense.com; 866-554-4867

fnhusa.com; 703-288-3500

Fulton Armory
fulton-armory.com; 301-490-9485

Harrington & Richardson
hr1871.com; 866-776-9292

Henry Repeating Arms
henryrifles.com; 201-858-4400

mossberg.com; 800-363-3555

rossiusa.com; 800-948-8029


Savage Arms
savagearms.com; 413-568-7001

Sig Sauer
sigsauer.com; 866-345-6744

Springfield Armory
springfield-armory.com; 800-680-6866

Stag Arms
stagarms.com; 860-229-9994

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