10 Reasons to Choose Mules

If you're looking for a helping hand, mules possess great strength and endurance.
Mules can be ideal farm animals to help you tackle tasks on the homestead with ease.
Smart, agile and more sure-footed than any horse, a good riding mule has been the choice of hunters, lawmen, circuit riders and bandits.|Photo by Larry Case

1. Mules live longer than horses.

2. Mules have more stamina and endurance than a horse (hybrid vigor).

3. Mules are more sure-footed than your average horses.

4. By and large, they are more intelligent than horses.

5. Pound for pound, a mule is stronger than a horse.

6. Mules typically eat less than horses.

7. Mules  have a much greater sense of self-preservation. They are always aware of their surroundings.

8. Mules are healthier in general and more durable than horses.

9. A mule’s feet are very hard and tough, and they usually do not require shoes in most conditions.

10. Mules have more character. (Horse folks will argue with that).

This article was originally published in The NEW PIONEER™ Spring 2016 issue. Subscription is available in print and digital editions here.

  • Natalia

    But for a long-term survival situation, it would be hard to get more as they don’t reproduce, is that not correct? You would have to have horses and donkeys in your livestock as well, kept just for that purpose, or used for other purposes too. Would love to hear a long-term take on that.

  • Pat Wilson

    Remember this: A mule is a half-assed horse.