A Smart Car Morphs Into Snow Car in Canada

Ottawa mechanic designed skis for his smart car, creating a snow car.
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Photo by Photo by Flickr Creative Commons

Have you ever seen someone take their car skiing? Canadian mechanic Tod Anderson revamped a 2006 Smart car giving it ATV tracks and snowmobile-esque skis, according to KRON 4 news. The innovative, diesel-fueled snow car isn’t street legal just yet, but it’s good enough to ski through a parking lot.

If it weren’t for someone snapping a photo of the invention and posting it on Reddit, it would’ve remained a community secret in the city of Ottawa. Instead, it went viral. According to KRON 4, the ski car cost inventor Anderson about $7,000 and it took about a month to build the car-on-skis that can speed up to 44 miles per hour.

For more information, visit KRON 4.