This piece of 5/16-inch 1095 steel went through the process being cut and polished in order to transform into a super viking tool ready to slice through the nearest tree or bear in sight. TOP Knives debuted the powerful Vi Ax earlier this year and it’s so sharp that it will satisfy all your cleaving needs.

The Vi Ax’s steel is secured by a black traction coating with a grip made up of hand-filling linen Micarta handles.

For more information, visit Personal Defense World.

  • bdaniel230

    This “AXE” is not much more than a show piece for the South California “Prepper”. Too light and short to be an actual axe. Too long and heavy for a fighting tomahawk. It looks mean but that is about where it ends. I would take my Fiskars chopping axe for cutting wood and my Ames hatchet for liming. If it were a choice what I have in my go bag? My Fiskars chopping axe and my K-BAR knife along with my 300 Win Mag and sufficient rounds to take down game until the world came to its senses.
    I have had to live off the land before and these preppers go out with their multi thousand dollars of gear and tell each other how they can survive.
    Do it for six months with a back pack and no more. I worked in the wilderness area in the 80s with resupply in the fall and spring and that “Vi AXE” would have gone back as scrap in the first resupply lift.