A Navy SEAL’s Safety Checklist For Foreign Travelers

Protect yourself on your next trip with this Navy SEAL's safety checklist, it could possibly save your life!
Navy SEAL's Safety Checklist, travel, foreign country
Photo by Flickr Creative Commons

Traveling to any foreign country always poses potential risks and it’s a good thing that the Navy Seals teamed up with special operators running SOFREP.com and Green Berets, as well as security experts at Escape the Wolf to present a vital safety checklist for travelers.

There are so much dangerous situations travelers can encounter especially if they don’t do proper research on the area they’ll be occupying.

Entrepreneur compiled an abbreviated version of the safety checklist from a story by Escape the Wolf, which includes things to consider doing before traveling such as investing in local interpreters, travel with a group of people and gain an understanding of the local customs and how to properly address different genders. Also, when in an area where there is civil unrest, it’s best to get to higher ground or run away from potential risks and threats. Always be cautious in unfamiliar territory to ensure your own safety. To view the rest of the safety checklist, click here.

For more information and safety tips, visit Travel.State.Gov.