VIDEO: Bri Van Scotter’s Whipped Venison Bone Marrow Recipe

Athlon Outdoors contributor and 'Wilderness to Table' founder Bri Van Scotter walks us through a delicious-looking whipped venison bone marrow recipe.

Do you know where your food comes from? You can bet that Athlon Outdoors contributor Bri Van Scotter does. A noted professional chef and avid hunter, Bri is the founder of Wilderness to Table, a lifestyle project devoted to hunting and fishing for wild game, and then showcasing the beauty of said game through creative and innovative cooking recipes. In an age of GMOs and artificial everything, nourishing your body in the most natural way possible is more important than ever.

The last time Bri checked in here, she walked us through her quail prep method after a hunt. In the video above—filmed by Panteao Productions—Bri works her magic yet again. This time she is cooking up a mighty fine-looking venison bone marrow appetizer.

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