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THE NEW PIONEER 2010, Issue #133


Starve Hollow’s New Pioneers By Brad Herndon
You can take a boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of a boy.

A Self-Reliant Duo By N. E. MacDougald
Preparedness, hard work, and even chickens make for a wonderful way of living.

American Trailblazer By Gregory McNamee
Daniel Boone: The self-sufficient, sensible man behind the legend.


Is The Land Calling You? By Gregory McNamee
Today’s homesteaders are older, wiser and more practical than their 60s counterparts.

Home Sweet Home By George Nash
For the first time in 35 years the author and his wife are living off their land.

Seven Seeds Farm By Barbara Delbol
An insider look at the organic seed- and produce-growing Tipping family.

Buying Rural Land By Gregory McNamee
What you need to know before plunking down your proverbial nest egg!

D.I.Y. Meat Raising By N.E. MacDougald
A breeding plan for rabbits, poultry, sheep and goats that will help you load the freezer for pennies on the dollar.

Clear, Cut, Chop By Steven Dick
The more basic your farming techniques, the more useful these machetes become!

Inside the Butcher’s Block By Steven Dick
The right knives make this tough job easy and save the homesteader big bucks.

Root Cellar Resurgence By Gerard Attoun
As more people are growing their own, a practical idea comes off the shelf.

Healthy Topsoil By Gregory McNamee
Composting and green manuring are keys to rejuvenating damaged land.


Power for the Good Life By Barbara Delbol
Living off the grid, the Caldwells are thriving by way of award-winning goat cheese.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient By Gregory McNamee
Turn your home from an energy-guzzling monster into an energy-saving miser!

Portable Juice! By Kim Long
Here is everything you need to know before powering up the homestead with portable generators.


Branching Out! By Barbara Delbol
From club owner to furniture maker, necessity has been the mother of invention for Delbert Kaufman.

Reaping the Fruits of Labor By Gregory McNamee
You’ve grown it, now what? Supplement your income by starting a fruitful and fun farmers’ market.

Bullet Points of Bartering By N.E. MacDougald
To strike the best deal, hone your buying and selling skills like a seasoned pro.

Preparing for Success By Gregory McNamee
The author reflects on lessons learned from his days as a Boy Scout.

Few Bucks for My Soul By Luke Strommen
Stick and string bowhunting: A family tradition that provides far more than meat for the freezer.

4 ‘Rs’ of Pioneering By Dan Sorenson
Before hauling another appliance or gizmo to the dump, consider these fixes.

Drive On! By Dan Sorenson
How to get 200K to even 300K miles out of your car, truck or SUV.

Pack-Rat Perfection By Kim Long
Stow it! Mr. Fix-its need a well-organized stash of spare parts, tools and stuff.

Hard Cider The Easy Way By Steven Dick
It’s not as tough to make as you think, and it’s easier than brewing beer or wine.


Old Tools For This Old House By Dan Sorenson
Vintage tools: Time after time, they get the job done right!

Blacksmith Bob By N.E. MacDougald
Bob Denman makes hand-forged tools in Boring, Oregon. New Pioneer is here to tell you that there’s nothing boring about this innovative craftsman.

Choosing Credible Cutters By N.E. MacDougald
To gain the cutting edge, use these guidelines for buying the perfect blades.

Lighting the Way By Kim Long
Brighten your future by upgrading your must-have handheld flashlights.

Keep Those Batteries Charged By Kim Long
Become a battery scrooge or you’ll find yourself juiceless when you need it most.


Gear for the Wildest By N.E. MacDougald
From the outback all the way to the U.S. Military frontlines, Kifaru gear packs the right survival punch.

Bangs on a Budget By N.E. MacDougald
Before brandishing your money, use this sage gun-buying advice.

Maps vs. GPS Units By N.E. MacDougald
Keep yourself on the right track in the unforgiving backcountry!

Bug-out Bags By N.E. MacDougald
As far as personal survival kits are concerned—one size does not fit all!

Hypothermia: Beat the Quiet Killer By Ed Pearl
Know the warning signs and learn these lifesaving techniques before it’s too late.


Worldwide Pioneering By Barbara Delbol, Kim Long, Gregory McNamee & N.E. MacDougald
Go site seeing with four web-savvy New Pioneer experts!

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