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THE NEW PIONEER Summer 2011, Issue #140


Pioneer Spotlight

Zenfully Sweet Life By Brad Herndon
Necessity forced Zen Caudill to be self-reliant as a child. As an adult, he’s only gotten amazingly better at it.

Earth Movers By Mike Davis
Meet the pond-building, PC-fixing, self-sufficient couple who never quit!

Doing It All…Dunbar Farms By Lyn Howard
David Mostue—farmer, mechanic, grocer, builder—successfully goes old-school to create a solid, self-sufficient operation!

Spring Planting Build A GreenhouseBy George Nash &Jane Waterman, MD
Even in cold climates, fresh veggies can be grown year round with these low-cost tunneling and hoop housing tricks!

Heap Before You Reap By Fred Demara
A curmudgeon’s guide to composting!

Avoiding Frost Damage By Ed Pearl, Meteorologist
Simple ways to protect your garden.

Coping With Critters By Gregory McNamee
Keeping ’em out is a lot easier than dealing with ’em once they start wreaking havoc.

Back to the Land

Ten In Texas By Russell Graves
The author shares the steps he and his wife took to buy and start building their 10-acre dream farm.

Living The American Dream By Jeremiah Tucker
When Dubi Ayalon moved from Israel to Wisconsin, becoming a buffalo farmer was not something he saw in his future!

Home, Sweet Homestead By Lyn Howard
At Wolf Gulch Farm, the Powells work, play and school their children—and prove that the simple life can be grand!

Energy Independence

How To Build Straw-Bale Homes By Gerard Attoun
For an energy efficient—think green!—way to build a house, it’s hard to beat straw!

Solar H20 Heating By Gregory McNamee
After a few years of paying off your new system, you’ll be reaping the sun’s almighty power—shower after hot shower!

Sunray Cooking By Jennifer Barker
For the budget-minded chef, solar ovens cost nothing to operate, are inexpensive to build and easy to use.

The Rural Life

Tree-rific Plan By Barbara Delbol
When the U.S. Forest Service came knocking at their door, the Delbol’s saw an opportunity for a big growth spurt!

Throw A Tag Sale By Kelly Williams
Ebay and Craig’s List are fine for some, but sometimes garage sales rule!

Clear The Decks By N.E. MacDougald
Simple to follow guidelines for getting rid of the clutter you don’t need!

Making Do Mastery By Tes Randle Jolly
Long before recycling was “in,” the Randles were wasting not, wanting not. Here’s how.

Potent Pest Plinkers By Steven Dick
You don’t need a truckload of firepower, you just need the right tool for the job.

Bear Medicine By N.E. MacDougald
Dropping a bear in its tracks takes the right gun, ammo and state of mind!

Safe Room Savvy By D.R. Carlson
How to build an insurance policy that’s designed to protect you and your loved ones from acts of nature and man.

Man’s Best Alarm By N.E. MacDougald
Discover how dogs can enhance even the most elaborate security systems.

Be Your Own King Of Beers! By Steven Dick
Homebrewing is easier than you think. The trick, dump those prohibition-era recipes and go new school!

Rite Of Spring By Brad Herndon
Bluegill—they’re easy to catch, delicious and provide hours of quality family time!

Tools It Takes

Weed Wrench By Barbara Delbol
With entrepreneurial spirit and the drive for a better life, Tom Ness uses his noggin instead of his back to make a great living!

Forging Ahead By Bob Denman
DIY Blacksmithing: Get some basic tools, a mentor and a few good books and you’ll be hammering out stuff in no time!

Bright Orange Tractors! By Gregory McNamee
Collect and restore Allis-Chalmers machines—the Model T Fords of farming equipment.

Screws & Bolts By Kim Long
Choices are endless! Here’s a 2-pager to help you fasten faster!

Rope Dope By Kim Long
There’s a lot on the proverbial line when it comes to selecting the right rope for your homesteading jobs.

Come-A-Long Now! By N.E. MacDougald
Way off-road or around the homestead, the multi-purpose winch is a must-have for back-to-the-landers.

It Worked For Me! By Thomas Kirchen, Mike Camp, Fred Demara
A collection of helpful hints and DIY projects that’ll help you on your way to a more self-reliant lifestyle!


Gimme Shelter! By N.E. MacDougald
On your next backwoods adventure, go armed with these top tips for choosing the right tent or tarp!

Practice What You Preach By Terrill Hoffman
Hone survival skills, make new friends and enjoy the outdoors by creating your own annual backwoods gathering.

Navigate Naturally By John Tillman
Lost without a compass, GPS or map? Go old school and arrive alive with Ma Nature’s global positioning system!

Internet Guide

Worldwide Pioneering By Bob Denman and Fred Demara
Go website seeing with these Internet-savvy New Pioneer experts!

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