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THE NEW PIONEER 2012, Issue #146


Pioneer Spotlights

Operation Ribeye By Gerard Attoun
Cherie Schenker’s determination to send beef to the battlefield turned into an innovative business!

Amphibious Harvest By Barbara Delbol
Summer blueberry farming and winter fishing keep the Browns busy and self-sustainable.

Back To The Land

Find & Buy Rural Land By J. Wayne Fears
Guidelines for buying your very own slice of country paradise—less the painful pitfalls!

Frontier Freshmen By Terrill Hoffman
The Hoffman’s offer up some valuable insight on what it takes to make the new pioneer dream a fruitful reality.

Fairmount Farm By Lyn Howard
The off-the-grid Scileppi family’s on-point desire to live the sustainable dream is nothing short of inspirational!

Flower Power By Lyn Howard
Thanks to old-school notions of quality and fairness this veggie and flower biz is growing by leaps and bounds.

Seed Sowing Secrets By George Nash & Jane Waterman
Learn how to start your veggie seeds in the dead of winter and nurture them into healthy transplants!

Reading Skies By Edward W. Pearl
When it comes to weather, knowing what’s on the horizon can be a make or break proposition.

Grow Greens In Overtime! By Amy Grisak
Simple season extenders that can buy you weeks of gardening time!

H20 Harvest By Gregory McNamee
Inventive ways to gather and store rainwater in an arid environment.

Can You Dig It? By Bob Denman
Become a terra firma master digger with this simple guide to proper tools and technique!

Energy Independence

Peaceful Power By N. E. MacDougald
After a noisy neighbor’s RV generator made a racket of his camping trip, Glenn Jakins developed his silent Roadrunner and Sentinel!

Papercrete Palaces By Fred Demara
Build your home out of the Sunday paper, junk mail, or even this very magazine.

Green Roof Revival By Jeremiah Tucker
Raise a rooftop garden and rediscover the benefits of cultivating organic structures.

The Ultimate Power Couple By Rex Ewing
After 13-plus years of grid-free living, the Ewings have plenty of gems to share!

Homestead Fireproofing By Gregory McNamee
Learn to fight drought- and idiot-induced wildfires with these preemptive strikes!

Rural Life

The Shearing Pioneer By Barbara Delbol
Entrepreneur Carol Ronan takes the fiber industry by the horns with her farm full of fleece makers!

Backyard Bee Biz By Amy Grisak
The straight buzz on keeping your home garden pollinated, producing beeswax and gallons of honey.

Build A Cedar Boat By Patrick Durkin
Row, row, row your boat! The one you crafted with heart, soul and satisfying elbow grease!

Craft A Cane Pole By Keith “Catfish” Sutton
Let expensive rods and reel—and tangling hassles—take a back seat to nature’s free and simple bamboo!

Seasonal ’Shrooming By Jim Spencer
Put the ‘fun’ back in fungus with this morel junkie’s methods for striking free-’shroom pay dirt!

Turkey Time! By Brad Herndon
Here’s a primer for newcomers wanting to experience the ultimate rite of spring.

Tools it Takes

Door Hinge Smithing By Bob Denman
Keep the homestead swinging—for pennies on the dollar—with this easy hinge-making how-to!

The Wheel Deal By Bob Denman
Lose the gas-guzzling rotary tiller and ride the comeback wave of the low-tech wheel hoe! We show you how.

Custom Cutters By Steven Dick
Christof Harper’s pack of Koyote bushcraft knives are made with his do-your-own-trailblazing lifestyle built in!

Make A Tool Tote By Sharon Swenson
Don’t lug around a toolbox—make a denim wrench case that’s easy to stash and carry around the homestead.

It Worked For Me By Tes Randle Jolly & Fred Demara
A collection of helpful hints and DIY projects that will help you on your way to a more self-reliant lifestyle.


The Compass Connection By Denis Prisbrey
When your GPS unit dies—and it will—any one of these six earth-driven compasses will get you home alive!

Drinking Pure By Denis Prisbrey
Hi-tech and highly portable, these devices are ideal for home or trail.

Woodsman’s Almanac By Keith “Catfish” Sutton”
A collection of woodsman’s what-if’s that’ll keep you on track and alive!

Rossi’s New Ranch Hand By Fred Demara
This practical .45 Colt lever-action is a perfect choice for pickup, tractor or backpack carry!

Bean Hole Baking By J. Wayne Fears
For camp or homestead, this centuries-old method of slow cooking is worth the wait!

The Rust Buster By Kelly L. Williams
Reclaim old tools from the ravages of rust—for fun and profit!


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