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THE NEW PIONEER 2011, Issue #143 




Going Green at Sloans Creek By Russell A. Graves
The Melson’s organic, grass-based farm produces animals and greenbacks!

Teepee For Two By Bob Denman
Will and Miss Dobkins tested extreme rural living. Now they’re really living the dream!


Buying Dream Land By J. Wayne Fears
Here’s how to go on a solid recon mission before purchasing rural homestead land.

Mule Power By Marti Attoun
These long-eared loggers have helped the Deschu family grow a successful land-friendly logging and flooring biz!

Ranching With Great Pleasure By Barbara Delbol
Organic beef and hay, grape growing and producing some fine wine—it’s all about diversity at Plaisance Ranch!

Herbal Healing By Barbara Delbol
From hobby to worldwide natural remedy supplier! You’re going to dig the Herb Pharm!

Cool Cover Crops By Paul Chernay
Sow ’em in the fall, enjoy their greenery in winter, turn them in spring and watch green manure work its magic!

Willow Creek Farm is Hog Heaven By Jeremiah Tucker
Raising their Berkshires with natural TLC has helped the Renger family turn their hobby into a prize-winning farming biz!

Farm Pond Facelift By Ron Jolly
When your pond is no longer producing food, wildlife and fun, it’s time to renovate!


Harvesting Wind Power By Gregory McNamee
Off the grid or on it, this blend of wind and solar power is the perfect way to juice up!

Jolly Green Tax Cuts By Gregory McNamee
Go green and save on taxes.

Living Large In A Tiny Home By Gerard Attoun
Downsize–to 648 square feet if possible–and be happier, debt free and more self-reliant.

Heating on the Cheap By Larry Swenson
Find it, cut it, haul it, split it, season it, burn it…and enjoy the sizzling savings!

Insert Warmth By Kim Long
Cut your fuel heating costs in half or more with a high-efficiency fireplace insert!

Wood Cookin’ 101 By Jennifer Stein Barker
For energy-efficient, down-home meals, it’s tough to beat a dual-purpose cook stove!

Portable Power By Patrick Durkin
For recharging gadgets in the backwoods, check out this array of solar power treasures!


Start Your Own Yule Tree Biz By George Nash
Earn Christmas tree green with Gopher Broke Farm’s NYC-niche plan of attack!

Winter Harvest By Amy Grisak
No root cellar? No problem! Here’s how to stow fruit and veggies fresh when temps plummet!

Hook, Line & Yo-Yo By Ron Jolly
In Alabama, yo-yo fishing in February can fill your freezer with fillets!

Huntin’ Nuts! By Brad Herndon
Learn the free and easy country pastime that’s full of fun, free and healthy eats!

Hearty Harvest Goulash By Fred Demara
A great dish for a hungry crew.

Feathers Of The Fall By Steve Hickoff
A crash course on taking America’s greatest and tastiest game bird—the wild turkey!

Busting Bushytails! By Brad Herndon
Squirrel hunting provides cheap, tasty meat and survival skills to boot.

Deer: It’s What’s For Dinner! By Terrill Hoffman
Venison can be tricky to cook, but these cookbooks can make a kitchen klutz shine.

Hassle-Free Winemaking By Steven Dick
You don’t need a vineyard or expensive equipment to make and enjoy fine wine.

Worldwide Pioneering By J. Wayne Fears
Don’t let the Internet be a frustrating maze of information overload. Go site seeing with our web-savvy New Pioneer experts!


Forge Your Own By Bob Denman
Learn how to draw and bend hooks, staples, latches and more!

Getting the Axe By Steven Dick
While chainsaws rule the woods, a good axe is still a homestead essential.

Broadfork Bonanza! By Bob Denman
Think spading forks on steroids. To get the most out of these marvels, read on!

Winterize Your Home & Car By N.E. MacDougald
A game plan to keep Old Man Winter from freezing his way into your savings!

It Worked For Me By Mike Davis and Fred Demara
A collection of helpful hints and DIY projects that’ll lead to self-sufficiency.


Build A Game Cart By Larry Swenson
Dragging downed game back to camp doesn’t have to be a back- or bank-breaking endeavor anymore!

Get Into the Wild By N.E. MacDougald
With their hands-on outdoor workshops, Bret and Susanne Roller are cultivating tomorrow’s conservation leaders.

How to Fend Off and Treat Frostbite By Ed Pearl
Come back in one piece by beating Jack Frost to the painful punch!

Trapper’s Almanac By Jim Spencer
Gain a sense of freedom, adventure and extra income with our resident mountain man’s tricks of the trade!

Stone Cold Dress Code By N.E. MacDougald
Before trekking into the icy unknown, use our Arctic-proven guide to donning the right outdoor duds!

Survival Must-Haves By Len MacDougald
Your survival kit has serious flaws if it’s missing any of these lifesaving tools.


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