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THE NEW PIONEER 2012, Issue #152 


Pioneer Spotlights

$6,500 Dream Cabin By Will Dobkins
Short on money but long on sweat equity and logs, the Dobkins built their own A-frame.

Home On The Range—Raising Bison & Hogs! By Barbara Delbol
Full Circle Bison Ranch owner, Tobias Hatfield, took a boyhood dream and made it a reality!

Back To The Land

Finance Your Small Farm! By J. Wayne Fears
Cut through the financial maze with our rural land-buyer’s guide—we guarantee that it’s worth its weight in gold!

Livestock Fencing By Tracy Breen
Save money and your precious creatures with these stringing tips from a Heartland pro!

Diggin’ Out Of Trouble By Bob Denman
Muck, rocky ground and pesky post holes won’t bring you to your knees anymore!

Beyond Backyard Bunnies & Chicks By Lyn Howard
Looking for a better way, Ian Hensel incubated a $10K nest egg that paid off big!

Companion Planting ABC’s By Paul Chernay
A bug-to-plant balancing act that’s like nature’s form of putting your garden on a full dose of steroids!

Tomato TLC For The Cold Zone By George Nash and Jane L. Waterman, MD
With meticulous care, even short-growing seasons can produce some hearty plants.

D.I.Y. Drip Irrigation By Gregory McNamee
Efficient, easy-to-install watering systems that provide the best way to quench your plants’ thirst!

Wild Hog Damage Control By Jill J. Easton
Protect your land, precious farm animals and livelihood from the escalating feral pig pandemic!

Energy Independence

Portable Sun Power By N. E. MacDougald
Ins and outs of making your own grab-and-go backup solar-power systems.

Where Rubber Meets The Home By Gerard Attoun
Max out your mileage! Use old tires to build an energy-efficient home.

Solar Powered Workshop By Rex Ewing
Power-tool nirvana! Where juice and creativity flow for pennies on the dollar!

Rural Life

Digital-Age Safe-Leeping By Kim Long
Don’t let computers and Mother Nature trash your memories and documents.

Living Large In Smallville By Patrick Durkin
Our guide to “sub-rural” life lets you ditch urban drawbacks without sacrificing convenience.

Survival TeamworkBy N.E. MacDougald
When disaster strikes teaming up and prepping can mean the difference between life and death!

Hiking Sticks By Denis Prisbrey
Stand your ground, no matter the terrain, with these top-end staffs!

Seven-Acre Heaven! By Lyn Howard
Cattle and rows of lavender turned this duo’s rocky ground into sweet-smelling success!

Build Your Own Tripod Grill By Brad Herndon
Use some scrap steel and these plans to make your own hotspot for down-home cooking!

How to Smoke In The Flavor By Ron Jolly
For a taste sensation, let smoke from these special hardwoods work its magic!

Homestead Healing By Jane L. Waterman, MD
The New Pioneer’s resident Dr. Quinn makes a homestead call!

Creative Crawler Catching By Keith “Catfish” Sutton
Wrangle up some free live bait by picking up the down-home arts of fiddling and grunting in the dirt!

Tools it Takes
96 Smith A Log Handler By Bob Denman
Make short work of long logs and fallen trees with a lumberjack Peavey!

What Not to Recycle By Fred Demara
Get a load of this before your next trek to the dump!

The Do-It-All Ulu By Dana Benner
Check out the Inuit-born utility knife that’s at home anywhere you trek!

Kings of Custom Handsaws By Barbara Delbol
Saw makers Wenzloff and Sons craft “Tools for a Lifetime” of woodworking perfection.

It Worked For Me By Mike Davis & N.E. MacDougald
Simple solutions to common problems around the homestead.


Homestead .22 Rifles By Denis Prisbrey
For survival, hunting, pest control, or just plain fun, try this trio of go-to .22s!

Backwoods Bread Making By J. Wayne Fears
Campfire or kitchen, any one of these three simple Bannock recipes will provide a wild and tasty staple!

Woodsman’s Almanac By Keith “Catfish” Sutton
A collection of woodsman’s what-if’s that’ll keep you on track and alive!

Backpack Camp Stoves By Denis Prisbrey
Roughing it without power doesn’t have to be so rough, thanks to these handy portables!

Dealing With Dehydration By Edward W. Pearl
Don’t let the big “D” trick you! Follow the warning signs and drink up before it dumps you into trouble!


Print and Digital Subscriptions to THE NEW PIONEER magazine are available here.

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