The Premier Issue of AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN, Issue #159

Current and back issue of the AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN magazine available here.

Welcome Frontiersmen! By F.W. Demara
Here’s a sneak peek at what our premier issue has in store for you.

Natural Woodsman By Jill Easton
With his handcrafted buckskins and bows, Drew Turner nails the primitive bullseye!

Dugout Canoe Build By Jill Easton
With two weeks of sweat equity and a few tools, you’ll be paddling Indian style!

Nutty Tanning Trick By Jill Easton
A no-fuss method for saving ’coon, bobcat and other trapped-critter pelts.

Smoky Mountain Man By J. Wayne Fears
The life and times and amazing and still-useful writings of Horace Kephart.

Timeless Camp Tools By J. Wayne Fears
When the outdoors is your home, look to these classics to keep you prepared.

Trapper For Life By Jim Spencer
Plans from the past keep this modern-day mountain man focused in the present.

Wildest & The Toughest By Jim Spencer
Remembering three who defined roughing it: Hugh Glass, John Coulter, John Johnston.

The Frugal Homesteader By Mike Camp
Scout out, buy, build and grow your little slice of heaven for $25,000 or less!

Trapper Cabin On A Budget By J. Wayne Fears
It’s like a man cave in your basement, but it’s in the great outdoors and fun for all!

Drive A Water Well By Len McDougall
With elbow grease and this simple plan, you’ll have a reliable water supply in no time.

Unorthodox Angling 101 By Will Brantley
Outside-of-the-box skills that’ll come in handy next time your belly gets to growling.

Tin Cooking Comeback By J. Wayne Fears
Make a dual-purpose reflector oven for staying warm and cooking up camp grub.

Cooking With Cattails By F.W. Demara
Learn to enjoy the find-everywhere, use-for-everything frontier gourmet provision.

Red Squirrel For Two By Len McDougall
As long as you have a reliable .22 in the backcountry, you’ll never go hungry.

Bushytail Busting 101 By Jay Langston
Hit the School of Hard Nuts for the keys to bagging your daily limit.

Taking Cover By Sam Forti
Knowing how to build a debris hut could save your life when stuck in the wild.

Critter Field Care By Will Brantley
Devil’s in the details when it comes to finger-licking good rabbits, doves and turkeys.

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Great American Buffalo Hunt By F.W. Demara
A look back at a species that has survived waste and vandalism as national policy.

Customize A Buck 110 By Denis Prisbrey
Design a homestead classic ’64 Buck folder and own a piece of super-sharp history.

Bushcraft An Atlatl By Will Dobkins
Try your hand at making and shooting this easy-to-make dart thrower.

Uncle Bill’s Bear Rug By Donnie Mack
Resourcefulness in fruit-and-bruin country doesn’t get any better than this family fable.

Homemade Bear Lure By Bill Vaznis
Scavenge or barter your way to a stinky, yet highly productive bear attractant.

Big Game Butchering By Will Brantley
Save bucks after taking bucks! Use this simple guide for field care and processing.

Have A Deer Heart By Keith Sutton
Don’t waste it when dressing your buck. Prepped right, it’s as good as tenderloin.

Fine-Tune Your Frontstuffer By Bryce M. Towsley
A no-fuss, no-muss method to sight-in your blackpowder rifle for opening day.

Davy Crockett By Gregory McNamee
A look back at the complex, admirable, King of the Wild Frontier.

Kentucky Rifle Kit By Bill Vaznis
There’s nothing more rewarding than building your very own muzzleloader. Here’s how.

Civil War Replicas By La Vista Bill Bell
Our modern-day frontiersman shoots and reviews some 1800s GI surplus and more.

Trail-Ready .22s By Denis Prisbrey
When ounces matter, this pair of innovative revolvers from Ruger and S&W are tops!

Long Live The Longbow By Wayne van Zwoll
Despite its simplicity, the longbow lives on long after the first arrow left the string.

Fire Starters By Len McDougall
How best to get a fire going when you’re up against a do-or-die situation.

Build A Bench By J. Wayne Fears
You can’t beat the classic Leopold design—or cost—for comfy fireside seating.

Distress Signals By Denis Prisbrey
From low-tech smoke and mirrors to big bangs and PLBs, we’ve got you covered.

Where There’s Smoke… By F.W. Demara
Use this bit of Plains Indians history and how-to the next time you’re in a jam!

On The Move…On Deep Snow By N.E. MacDougald
Don’t slog through, don snowshoes or cross-country skis and sail out of stormy trouble.

Wounded! Now What? By Len McDougall
Accidents happen, but your best defense is a complete field-expedient first-aid kit!

Doomsday Bug-Out Kit By Len McDougall
Crosman’s new Go Bag—with 10-pump .22 carbine—reports for small-game duty.

Mountain Man Medicine By Len McDougall
Lineman’s pliers, a Spyderco and a touch of crazy perform oral surgery in the backwoods.

Gold Panner’s Almanac By Fred Demara
You may get skunked, but on the other pan…you might strike it rich!

The Appleseed Project By John M. Buol Jr.
Forge responsible citizens and strong family values through marksmanship.

Snakebitten! By Len McDougall
Run-ins with rattlers can kill you! Let the author’s lessons help you avoid an early grave.

Washington’s Beer Recipe By Steven Dick
Behind the making of one of Colonial America’s very first light beers.

Modern Man Tools By Linas Cernauskas
New and noteworthy tools that can get you out of a pinch in the backcountry.

Current and back issue of the AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN magazine available here.

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