THE NEW PIONEER 2013, Issue #167

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Pioneer Spotlights

Farmstead Meatsmith
By Brandon Sheard
Butchery is no job for the squeamish, but as the author can attest, the life can be cuts above the rest!

Barter, Build & Grow Buddy System
By Will Dobkins
Meet, the social site for self-sufficient living on the highest level.

Worldwide Pioneering
By Dan Adams
Don’t let the information superhighway be a maze of info overload. Check out these must-visit sites!

Back to the Land

Home Sweet Homestead
By Russell Graves
The author shares his family’s “10-acres-and-a-dream” lessons and success story!

Successful Sprouting
By Lyn Howard
At New Sprout Organic Farm Michael Porterfield gives true meaning to the word “AGRIPRENEUR.”

Manure Matters
By Amy Grisak
The most ancient form of repurposing is truly hard to beat, but only if you handle it with TLC!

The Marvelous Mushroom Man
By Lyn Howard
Jumpstart your own mushroom biz with help from this wildly successful U.S. Army Special Forces vet!

Chicken Shed On A Sled
By Bob Denman
Here’s a simple idea for a hen palace with a hillbilly house. Both are fully movable and functional!

2.5-Acre Dream Farm
By Barbara Delbol
Dynamic mother and daughter duo show us how to make a serious go of sustainable living.

Food Plotter’s Game
Plan By Will Brantley
How some late-summer game gardening can yield fall and spring hunting success!

Nursery Starter Kits
By Peter Passalacqua
To keep the deer coming back!

Self-Sufficient Country Star
By Jay Langston
When he’s not hanging at the Redneck Yacht Club, the multifaceted Craig Morgan is pioneering back home in Tennessee.

Energy Independence

Saving With Solar Power
By Rex A. Ewing
With micro inverters, optimizers and tax breaks, now’s a great time to go solar. Let us show you how!

See the Bright Side of Portable Power
By Rex A. Ewing
There’s more to choosing potent, fuel-efficient backup juice than price!

Rocket Mass Heating
By Amy Grisak
Here’s a super-efficient DIY stove that requires far less wood than traditional woodburners.


Wildfire Life
By Rex A. Ewing
After evacuating three times in 13 years, the author and his wife share some hard-earned lessons.

Skinning And Tanning
By Jill J. Easton
Here’s a simple method to create velvety soft, supple pelts for crafting purses, hats, blankets and more!

The Crappie Harvest
By Keith “Catfish” Sutton
Tackle and tips that prove it’s nothing like Finding Nemo when it comes to nesting time!

Boatload of Know-How
By Will Brantley
Choose the right rig, motor and water to expand your outdoor opportunities.

Ladies Only Outdoor Workshops
By Tes Randle Jolly
Loose an arrow, skin a deer, get familiar with firearms, nature and much more. Get into BOW today!

The Ultimate Bug-Out Kit
By Len McDougall
Our prepper’s quest for the complete “disaster pack” led him to an insurance plan that’s worth its weight in gold!

Camp Stove Reborn
By Denis Prisbrey
Primus updates the classic camp stove concept with its FireHole300!

Brick-Oven Baking
By Dave Bauer
Let the author’s wood-fired, mountaintop micro-bakery biz inspire you to craft your own heirloom-grain” edibles on the homestead!

Build Your OwnmWood-Fired Oven
By Derek Lucchese
This DIY plan will have you baking the best bread, pizza, roasts and more!

Tools It Takes

A Pioneer’s PICKER-Upper
By George Nash
Get more out of and into your truck! Use the author’s useful tips and plans for a bed conversion!

Farm-TRUCK Upgrades
By Peter Passalacqua
For all-out bed protection and security, look to Rhino Linings and A.R.E.!

Let’s Do The Twist
By Bob Denman
Learn to heat, hammer and twist your way to a barn door ring pull, a doorknocker and more!

Mountain Man Blade Build
By Len Waldron
How Steve Collins repurposes farrier’s rasps into working edges fit for the homesteader!

New & Sharp
By Denis Prisbrey & Jorge Amselle
Our blade-toting backwoodsmen get their hands on some great product for outdoorsmen.

Tying the Knots
By N.E. MacDougald
For most of your homestead knotting chores, one of these should do the trick.

File It With Finesse
By Craig Haney
These unassuming tools are handy homestead helpers, provided you know how to use ’em!


The Lion Queen
By Tracy Breen
Profile of a western cowgirl who mixes it up with great hounds and a cowboy who loves to hunt big cats!

Don’t Pass On The Pepper
By Denis Prisbrey
Salt might be the spice of life, but pepper is what could save it when you’re under attack!

Woodsman’s Almanac
By Keith Sutton
Use these skills to heighten your backcountry adventures, fall hunting trips or family picnics.

Trail Gun Essentials
By Denis Prisbrey
These field-expedient fixers will keep your gun running true in the hills!

Book Reviews
By F.W. Demara
A sneak peek at Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse and Buck And Wart, Backcountry Letters.

It Worked For Me
By Carrie Gayne and F.W. Demara
Deer fencing on the cheap; nuisance hog-hunting tips; multi-mission household helpers.


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