Imagine a way to heat your home with wood, less the idea of having to tend a fire in the woodstove or fireplace. A rocket mass heater (RMH) utilizes thermal mass for warmth instead of relying on constant combustion, and burns far less fuel than a traditional wood heater.

Rocket mass heaters are a good option for people who don’t have access to large amounts of wood, or who simply wish to reduce the amount they use along with the hazardous exhaust produced by many wood-burning stoves. With research, practically any do-it-yourselfer can build the ultimate in cozy comfort at home.

Ernie and Erica Wisner are rocket mass heater (also called a rocket stove) authorities who spend part of their time away from their Oregon home conducting workshops throughout the country. The rest of the time they are researching and fine tuning designs. They are passionate about spreading the word to teach people a more efficient way to burn wood.


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