Anyone who has listened to country music for five minutes knows that the lyrics often center on little slices of real life. A catchy phrase, a double meaning or just a little slice of country life set to rhyme can all set the creative process rolling to produce a hit.

Living on the southern edge of Nashville area is interesting, to say the least. Who knows who you might see on an evening jog around the neighborhood; share a bleacher seat with at a high school football game, or in my wife’s case, nearly run over when they dart into traffic.

A few months ago, while working on another article, I got a pleasant surprise while interviewing country hit-maker Craig Morgan. When he’s working, he is in the studio producing another hit album, on tour, or he’s on the road taping television shows for Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors. To balance his hectic travel schedule, Craig retreats to his 400-acre farm west of Music City.
Some artists come to the country way of life and look upon it as a novelty.

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