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THE NEW PIONEER Fall 2013,  #170

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Going Back To The Wildest
By Tom Irons
Experience a year of rediscovery and the true meaning of self-reliance deep in America’s last frontier.

Amazin’ Cajun
By Deborah Burst
Crawfisher, cypress logger, furniture maker, farmer and more…Greg Guirard is simply busting out on the bayou!


Rules Of Buying Rural
By J. Wayne Fears
Run-down property can be a huge score or a total bust. This guide will save your bacon!

Sojourn Ventures
By Barbara Delbol
The Youngs are farming the new pioneer way—raising organic chickens and heritage turkeys, and much more!

Po’ Boy Farming
By John E. Phillips
No money? No land? No problem at all! Use our guide to farming small-scale right-of-ways!

When To Toss Your Tiller
By Amy Grisak
Do more chillin’ and less tillin’ with this proven permaculture gardening game plan.

Family Farm Marketeers
By Barbara Delbol
Farm-stand lessons from Oregon, where the Hendersons keep it fresh, local and simple per their clientele’s desires.

Soil Testing Made Simple
By Bob Denman
Six easy DIY tests to find out how to make your land’s dirt as fertile as can be.

Small-Farm Tractors
By Larry Swenson
Our guru steers you around the new-versus-used maze before you plow through big bucks.

Rainy Day Recycling
By Gregory McNamee
How to catch it, stow it and flow it to your lawns and gardens for free!

Straw Bale Bounties
By Jim Kneiszel
Save time and your back, and extend both ends of the growing season. Go soilless and weed-free anywhere!

Full-Value Timber Harvest
By Jeremiah Tucker
Don’t get taken by large-scale foresters. Get the best bang for your cuts by using the eco-smart Timbergreen way!


Outback Shower Power
By Will Dobkins
Tankless water heaters make getting back to basics plenty more luxurious and super efficient.

You Asked For It!
By Rex Ewing
Grid-Tied Solar! A simple and sound investment for reaping green electricity and greenbacks for a lifetime.

Infra-Ready Heating
By Kim Long
Warm up to infrared by learning how efficient, portable and clean it can truly be.

Wood-Pellet Primer
By Dana Benner
Chop your oil bills in half or more when you climb aboard the pellet-stove express.


Blue Collar Cabin Builds
By Tracy Breen
With as little as $1,000, a dream and some sweat equity, your rustic retreat awaits.

Design A Privy Paradise
By Jim Kneiszel
When nature calls at your backwoods getaway, let our outhouse experts help you get down to business.

Ready Or Not?
By Linda Masterson
Prepare now so that in the aftermath of nature’s fury, you and loved ones will be safe and financially secure.

Pressure Canning Made Easy
By J. Wayne Fears
How to save your bacon, meat and fish to enjoy down the road or when the power goes out.

The Can-Do Cooker
By J. Wayne Fears
Feed up to 12 hungry folks with delicious set-it-and-forget-it meals on the campfire.

Make Your Own Honey Wine
By Jereme Zimmerman
Rediscover the ancient nectar. It’s easy, and besides, Vikings aren’t the only folks with a need for mead!


Four-Wheeled Farmhands
By Tracy Breen
Turn your ATV into a raking, plowing, planting, hauling, snowblowing workhorse.

Colonial-Style Kitchen Aides
By Bob Denman
Forge your own big and sturdy spatula, spoon, fork—they’ll be passed on for generations!

Budget Joinery
By Fred Demara
Make your own connectors from scrap steel to fortify DIY projects around the homestead.

Homestead Hackmasters
By Denis Prisbrey
When big blades won’t cut it…chop, chop—get to work with these general-purpose hand axes.



Kicking Out The Ticks
By Jill J. Easton
Patrol, prevent and protect. Sage advice for keeping bloodsuckers off your family, property, pets and livestock.

Mountain Man Readiness
By Joe Flowers
Reclaim the arts of fire-craft, trapping, gathering and cooking wild edibles at Jerry Ward’s Ozarks-based survival school.

Woodsman’s Almanac
By Keith Sutton
Time-tested hunter’s tricks that will enlarge your store of outdoors know-how.

Camp & Trail Carry
By Will Brantley
Set your sights on picking out the perfect guns for the backwoodsman in you.

It Worked For Me!
A collection of helpful hints and easy do-it-yourself projects for the new pioneer in you!


Print and Digital Subscriptions to THE NEW PIONEER magazine are available here.

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