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THE NEW PIONEER Winter 2014 – #173

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Heritage Grain On The Prairie
By Amy Grisak
Meet the Cowgills, who are breaking Montana monocropping tradition by diversifying with hoophouse veggies, heritage wheat and turkeys.

The Bountiful Bodger
By Jereme Zimmerman
Using old-school woodcrafting and blacksmithing ways, veteran new pioneer Don Weber has and does it all in Kentucky!


Raising Turkeys
By Milan Young
Tap into a profitable small-farm niche with a rafter of heritage Thanksgiving birds!

Draft Horse Revival
By Gerard Attoun
These four-legged mega-workers are super-efficient, economical and more beautiful than standard farm tractors.

Living The Organic Dream
By Barbara Delbol
From backyard garden boxes to a 33-acre piece of heaven, the Eden’s Edge success story proves that sustainable is attainable!

Unorthodox Soil RX
By Bob Denman
Bad soil? No problem! Learn to mineralize your soil and turn it into a super-duper producer!

Backyard Hops Farming
By Will Dobkins
A bittersweet way to have fun, make a little money and improve your home brews!

Bloom Your Own Lavender Biz!
By Barbara Delbol
Lessons from the Rinaldi’s 5-acre farm prove you can grow a profitable agri-biz from your love of herbs and gardening!

Comfrey Growing
By Corrie Snell
Meet the real wonder weed! It’s a medicinal plant, mulch and fertilizer all in one!

Sustainable Woodlots
By David Boyt
From growing to felling, dragging to selling, use our pro’s guide to reap the most from your trees!

Tractor-Mounted Tilling Tools
By Larry Swenson
Get your rows cultivated right with this savvy ground-breaking information for farms in the 1-to-50 acre range!


Underground Greenhouses
By Amy Grisak
For off-grid, year-round-veggies-even in sub-zero temps-get to building a “forever green” geo-thermal hoophouse!

Doing The Inverter Swap
By Rex Ewing
Preassembled power panels can be costly for off-gridders. Use these hard-earned lessons to build your own and save $1,000!

Turbine Time!
By Rex Ewing
Harnessing free wind power sounds like a great idea, but don’t get blown away by it until you know all of the facts!

Get Pumped!
By Rex Ewing
Standalone solar water pumps might be your ticket to a steady stream of off-grid H2O!


Meet The Gator Guru
By Deborah Burst
Ride along with the gun-toting marsh master who lives a fruitful life on the Louisiana bayous!

Living The Log Home Dream
By Rex Ewing
A primer for those who have been bitten by the “I want to build my own log home” bug!


Print and Digital Subscriptions to THE NEW PIONEER magazine are available here.

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Underground Greenhouses

For off-grid, year-round veggies--even in sub-zero temps--get to building a "forever green" geo-thermal hoophouse!