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American Frontiersman 2014, #153


Live & Learn Primitive
By Will Dobkins
Echoes in Time gathering offers a week-long celebration of primitive arts and bushcraft.

Putting Bones Back To Work
By Jill Easton
Don’t chuck animal bones after processing, make a knife handle, jewelry, fertilizer and more!

Open Camp of the Master Woodsmen
By Steve Watts and David Wescott
Timeless passages and opinions from the forefathers of classic rustic camping.

Nessmuk Legacy
By Craig Haney
Remembering George W. Sears, the man whose woodcraft, conservation and adventure writings will live on forever!

Cape & Tan A Gobbler
By Jill Easton
A hunter’s or trapper’s cabin is incomplete until its walls are wearing trophies mounted by the taker!

Raise A Barn
By Bill Derr
Build a barn or shed with Bernie’s tried-and-true 20th-century way and it’ll last a lifetime!

Sod Homes 101
By F.W. Demara
Soddies—cool in the summer, toasty in the winter. This history lesson teaches you to harvest and build your own!

Go Nuts For More Game
By Will Brantley
Use our guide to mast tree magnets and you’ll have deer, birds and squirrels coming in on a line!

Trap For Cash
By Keith Sutton
It’s no get-rich-quick scheme by any stretch, but if you work at it you might just trap yourself a small FURTUNE!

Survival Spring Snares
By Len McDougall
The point here: Make simple “pencil” critter catchers for backwoods eats!

Beaver Pond Makeover
By J. Wayne Fears
How to convert an overrun beaver swamp to a waterfowl wonderland!

Craft A Coonskin Cap
By Andre’ M. Dall’au
Before your next rendezvous, make your headwear in 10 fun and easy steps!

Making Moccasins
With a few tools and some oil-tanned leather, your feet will be in for a real treat!

Throwback To Bison
By Wayne van Zwoll
Join hunters—not just shooters—fielding lever guns, as they blast through windows of the past.

America’s Regal Eagle
By Lamar Underwood
Soar along for a ride with our country’s national symbol of strength, freedom, self-sufficiency and pride!

Frontier Feasting
By J. Wayne Fears
Ten recipes that’ll earn you the ultimate honor—Top Base Camp Chef!

Rustic Plank Bench
By Gregory McNamee
Step-by-step plans for crafting your very own sweet seating for three!

Wild Game Dog Snacks
By Tes Randle Jolly
Here’s how to make great tasting and all-natural treats for your best trail buddy.

Cutting Through Kephart’s Classic
By Thomas Ray
An artifact-vetting mission with researchers who put Horace Kephart’s “perfect” blade under the microscope!

Axe Sheath & Sling
By Steve Watts and David Wescott
Craft your own hands-free axe sheath and sling to keep your do-it-all tool ready for duty!

Hail To The Hawken
By Wayne van Zwoll
Meet the revolutionaries behind the muzzleloader that fed mountain men, markets and fueled Manifest Destiny.

Handloading On The Go
By Mike Beliveau
Like hunters of yore, there’s no reason to remain chained to your home bench. Reload on the fly with Lyman!

Get Smart With Tarps
By N.E. MacDougald
From everyday chores to outdoor survival, a good tarp has you covered!

Have Water, Will Travel
By Denis Prisbrey
Without drinkable water, your goose can be cooked! Here’s a collection of systems to keep you quenched.

Bring The Heat
By Michael D’Angona
An array of simple and unorthodox fire-starting tips to be used when you’re in a pinch in the backwoods.

Need A Mountain Medic!
By N.E. MacDougald
When bad stuff happens, use these blood-stopping tourniquet tips to buy yourself precious time!

Ultimate SHTF Survival System
By Len McDougall
Be cool as ice the next time disaster strikes. Take cover with a Shelter-In-Place ICE Pack system!

Walhog Wilderness’ Meat SavR Spray
By Tracy Breen
A safe way to get your game from the field to the freezer or dinner table!

Distress Signaling
By Len McDougall
You might be down, lost, but not totally out. Here’s how to mirror and signal your way back home.

Homestead Beer & Ale
Learn to brew your own for satisfying flavor at a workingman’s price.

Homestead Cider Making
With a homemade press, these tips and fine recipes, you’ll be cranking out great drinks in no time!

Good Grub On The Go
By Edie K. Fasano
A day in the Old West woods with Hi Mountain’s handy camp meals.

Off-Grid Food Storage
By Dana Benner
Simple yet effective ways to preserve your food—sans electricity—in true frontier style!

Backyard Chickens
By Tammy Trayer
Get the full scoop on coops, feeding and care for raising great egg-layers and meat for the pot!

Sling Through The Ages
By Will Dabbs
Rediscover the wrist rocket, a timeless outdoor tool for survival, personal defense and all-out fun!

Sam Houston
By Gregory McNamee
Understanding the contradictory soldier, politician and Western frontier hero!

Your Time 2 Stand
By Michael D. Faw
A look at one man’s journey to motivate all freedom-loving folks to stand up and restore the American spirit.

Modern Man Tools
By Linas Cernauskas
New and noteworthy gear that can get you out of trouble in the backcountry.

Current and back issue of the AMERICAN FRONTIERSMAN magazine available here.

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