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THE NEW PIONEER – Spring 2014 – #177

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Rocky Mountain Dream Life By Rex Ewing
Off-grid at 10,000 feet, the Moews will inspire you to make your “back to the land” dreams come true!

Haymaking For Green By Carrie McColl
How to turn that big, sustainable, homestead pasture of yours into 
a hayfield of dreams for livestock and local buyers.

Got Goats? By Jereme Zimmerman
For goat owners, the personality of a breed is as important as the reasons they want a goat.

Start A U-Pick-It Farm By John E. Phillips
It’s easy and profitable! All you need to do is plow it, plant it and they will come!

Bad Land Gardening By Jennifer Stein Barker
Use your cold and dry conditions to
your advantage with this sage advice on variety trials, microclimates and drip irrigation!

Apple Farm Agritainment By Gerard Attoun
Missourians John and Brenda Carneal share their small-biz success story and tips for growing your own organics!

Grafting A Backyard Orchardd By Amy Grisak
Be it heritage fruit or hybrid-fruit tree growing, either way you cut it, know these ins and outs of grafting!

Pepper Time By Gerard Attoun
Let the following been-there-and-doing-that stories be your guide to starting your own pepper-based small business!

Putting Weeds To Work By Amy Grisak
In the kitchen, acting as a cover crop or a beneficial attractant, here’s how to up your weeding ways!

Feel Better ’Bout Nettles By Kristina Jensen
Take the sting out of this weed to make plant food and medicinal tea!

Starting A Backyard Flock By Jennifer Megyesi
Raise ’em for meat, eggs or a hobby with this pro advice from the owner of Fat Rooster Farm in Vermont!

21st Century Wood-Burning By Rex Ewing
Learn before you burn! New woodstoves and boilers offer cost-effective heating options.

Light & Power On The Run By Patrick Durkin
Solar panels and battery packs for camping can keep you going when storms try to knock you out!

Raising A Power Tower By Rex Ewing
Got turbine? Now comes the hard part: Choosing and raising the structure that’ll let it bring on the juice!

Homemade Ram Pump By Thomas Kirchen
Here’s a low-tech way to irrigate
 without the pain of high-dollar power bills!

Dome Home Living By Gerard Attoun
Energy-conscious homesteaders in tornado and hurricane country find their airform, above-ground cave to be very well rounded!

Jolly Good Wood Master By Tes Randle Jolly
From rolltop desks to unfinished carpenter bee traps,
Wilson Jolly is the tops when it comes to repurposing with flair!

Firewise Landscaping By Linda Masterson
Get zoned in to combat potential wildfires by planning defensible space around your homestead.

Goodbye Gluten! By Tammy Trayer
Lifestyle tips and recipes to help transition you and your family to a healthy gluten-free diet.

Down-Home Hoe Cakes By J. Wayne Fears
These simple cornmeal cakes are an easy, delicious treat hot off the stovetop or campfire griddle!

Homegrown Brewing Duo By Dana Benner
The ladies of the New England nano-brewery known as Throwback bring a totally new and refreshing meaning to green beer.

Homestead .22 Pump Guns By J. Wayne Fears
For farm pests, small game or beating today’s ammo crunch, here is the Long, Long Rifle and Short of it!

Built For Bug-Out! By N.E. MacDougald
How to choose and set up your survival ride for
the next disaster that strikes your community.

Grinders & Gourds By Len Waldron
Arizona’s Wuertz brothers redefine entrepreneurship through down-home ingenuity!

Forge Your Own Faithful Log Dogs By Bob Denman
Simple steel braces that have the big bite to keep the log pile secure and you out of danger.

Build A Simple Soil Sifter By Gregory McNamee
Get ready to “rock out” and render your gnarly soil with this low-cost, step-by-step DIY project!

Mountaintop Merriam’s By Tracy Breen
Head west for a wild, budget-friendly ride for tom turkeys in challenging terrain!

Formidable Field Stoves By N.E. MacDougald
Before you try to stow, go, stop and cook, learn the valuable lesson that all portable field stoves are not created equal.

Deer Done Right By Keith Sutton
Use these field-to-table tips and recipes to turn your hunks of venison into gourmet meals!

Woodsman’s Almanac By Keith Sutton
Take advantage of spring’s bounty by using these old-time tricks to forage and attract fish and game.

It Worked For Me
Helpful how-tos on building a gazebo, a lumber organizer and making your own hair-care products.

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