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THE NEW PIONEER Summer 2014, issue #182


Black Dog Farmstead By Lyn Howard
Get inspired by Arianna and Tucker Pyne as they learn how to capture the self-sufficient dream!

Claim Your Homestead By Jeremiah Tucker
Bargain land comes
at a price, but if you’re willing to work hard and smart, your off-grid dream awaits!

A Case For Cow Shares By Jay Pinsky
Got raw milk? Maybe it’s time to buy into a herd share and get what many Americans consider the healthiest milk.

Pioneer Porch DIY By Gregory McNamee
An easy way to extend your indoor living space and enjoy your land’s outdoor beauty.

Between Rock & A Wine Place By Len Waldron
Grammy-winning rocker combines sustainable growing and winemaking to help a community thrive.

Arid-Land Gardening By Gregory McNamee
Let our dry-land growing guide be your oasis of info for growing prize-winning fruits and veggies!

Permaculture Growing Guide By Amy Grisak
The pathway to sustainable gardening is paved by the hand Mother Nature deals you. Here’s how to follow her lead.

Dig Your Own Swale Gardens By Nicole Robinson
Turn your backyard or back 40 into a forever-watered veggie garden with our swale-maker’s handbook.

Honey Buzz-Ness By Michael DeVaughn
As a hobby or a small business, tending your own beehive can offer super sweet results!

Poultry Processing By Milan Young
Coop-to-table freshness starts and ends with how sharp and clean you are when it comes to the dirty work.

Farming For Watts By Rex A. Ewing
Use these tips when planning to cut your ties to the power company and power up with solar and wind!

Green Heat Revival By Rex A. Ewing
A look at today’s super-efficient and nearly smokeless wood-burning furnaces and boilers.

Backwoods Washers By Denis Prisbrey
Lehman’s non-electric clothes washers work like a charm, especially when the grid goes down!

Build A $3,000 Dream Cabin By Ted Moews
With a good amount of sweat equity and pioneer-style resourcefulness, your off-grid homestead dream can become a reality.

’Stead-Saving Rainmaker By Henry Walker
Build your own rooftop sprinkler system
to protect your backwoods place from deadly wildfires!

Start A Big Bass Biz By John Phillips
How to reel in big profits by growing Tigers and Gorillas in your 5-acre farm pond.

Bird Nest Building By Tes Randle Jolly
Help your local feathered friends craft their best nests and you will experience nature’s great gifts.

Homebrewing Cider & Cyser By Jereme Zimmerman
Let our resident Viking-brew guru get you loaded…with info for creating your own classic libations!

Off Grid & On Target By J. Wayne Fears
Stuff happens in the country, too! Get trained at Shootrite Academy to be ready to protect and defend.

Log Builder’s Toolbox By Bob Denman
Rediscover the traditional frontier tools before you get ready to roll on your next backwoods build.

Forge A Magna Grecia Hoe-Fork By Bob Denman
Its “ground-breaking” roots go back to ancient times in the tough coastal soil of southern Italy.

How To Win Big at Country Auctions By Stuart Brannan
Whether it’s a used tractor or a classic gun you have your eyes on, use our expert guide to come out on top of the heap!

Lock ’Em Out! By N.E. MacDougald
Consider these safety systems to help protect what’s inside your homestead from burglar trouble.

Five-Minute Shelter By Dave Canterbury
Craft an emergency survival “roof” in a flash using simple gear and some basic knots.

Carport Kitchen By Jill J. Easton
With help from his friends and repurposed materials, Dr. Fred built the camp kitchen where everyone loves to park!

Book Reviews

Woodsman’s Almanac By Keith Sutton
Use these slick suggestions to make the most
of summer’s camping, fishing and hiking adventures.

Seven Pocketknives By Denis Prisbrey
They’re small in size, but these traditional folders still stand tall when called on for everyday duty!

Catching Memories By Keith Sutton
Fourteen ways to make family fishing outings truly unforgettable!

It Worked For Me By Kristina Jensen, Jill J. Easton, Keith Sutton & TNP Staff
Learn to smoke fish, make herbal vinegar and cook with nettles!


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