Talk about repurposing! The folks at Genuine Turkey Leather (GTL) have found a way to create some unique products out of tanned turkey legs—the skins, that is—that would normally find a home in the garbage or in the compost heap. We’re talking turkey leather wallets, business card holders, money clips and change holders. Who would have thunk it?

THE PROCESS: Each fully handcrafted GTL product is guaranteed to be one of a kind, and all processes to create these products are done in house, ensuring that a quality product is created for the consumer. So how does GTL make these gems? Well, the story goes that one man figured out the tanning process for the skins and he’s got the secret under lock and key. He does all of the tanning and cutting, then his team sews the leather pieces together.

TNP was told that it takes seven turkey legs to craft one wallet that features the turkey-leg leather outer with an embossed leather inner. Standard colors are black, brown, sandy brown, rust brown… and catch this, my fellow lady friends—pink! DIY? My husband and I don’t raise turkeys, but we love to turkey hunt in the spring and fall in New York. Might take us a few years to accumulate the legs needed and figure out the tanning and sewing process to try making our own wallets! I think I might settle on visiting GTL when it comes to picking out a fun birthday gift for him. For more information, visit—Kelly L. William

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