1. How did you come up with the amount of coverage on my home? What cost per square foot would you allow if it was destroyed?

2. What is the total amount I could collect if I lost everything?

3. Do I have replacement value coverage for my home and belongings?

4. How much coverage do I have for my barns, shops and outbuildings? How about landscaping, fences, tools and equipment? Am I a hobby farm if I sell eggs or produce?

5. If I’m evacuated, are my motel and other expenses covered? Does my deductible apply?

6. Am I covered for additional construction costs resulting from changes in building codes?

7. Is cleanup and debris removal covered? How much?

8. Do I have to rebuild in my existing footprint? Can I buy another home instead of rebuilding? Do I have to rebuild my home exactly the way it was?

9. What does my policy exclude?

10. What discounts do you offer that I could qualify for?

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