In the last five years, ATVs and UTVs have made huge strides. Now you can purchase UTVs with heaters, stereos and cabs that keep you out of the weather. Electric UTVs are now available. UTVs can be purchased with dump boxes on the back that make loading and unloading gear and hay simple.

NEW VERSUS USED: But before you spend your hard-earned money, do a lot of research, drive a few different models, and look at the pros and cons of buying a four-by-four model versus a two- wheel-drive model. And don’t be afraid to buy a used machine. Many ATV owners don’t drive their machine much, so finding a lightly used ATV that costs a fraction of retail price is possible.

SIX MIGHT DO YOU: If you are in the market for an ATV and want something out of the ordinary, consider purchasing an amphibious six-by-six. I have a MAX six-by-six that is six-wheel drive. It floats and drives easily through the water—I have ridden it across large lakes—can hold four passengers, and hauls lots of stuff. In fact, MAX makes a six-wheeler called the Buffalo Truck, which features a large dump box on the back that can hold two passengers. It is the perfect machine for the farm or ranch.

MARITIME DUTY: Amphibious vehicles have been around for decades but aren’t as popular as regular ATVs. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a place on the farm. Like a regular UTV or ATV, a cab, plow blade and other accessories can be purchased for an amphibious vehicle. These vehicles can even be purchased with tracks, which will make them nearly unstoppable.

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