So now that your lawn and garden have plenty to drink to stay alive and thrive, what about you? Backcountry trekkers—the camping, hunting, fishing and family day-hiking crowds—need to remain hydrated. Packing enough water to see you through a day hike is no problem for most, but what happens to that precious water supply when the unexpected strikes deep into your plans? Being stranded in a remote location—waterless—can bring on serious, sometimes deadly, consequences.

SIP FROM THE STRAW OF LIFE: As long as you have a LifeStraw tucked away in your pack, and a natural water source around—a stream, lake, river, even a mud puddle—you should be good to go! The brains behind LifeStraw, and other lifesaving products like PermaNet, ZeroFly and CarePack, is the Europe-based company Vestergaard Frand- sen, which specializes in emergency response and disease-control products. Guided by a unique humanitarian entrepreneurship business model, Vestergaard Frandsen’s “profit for a purpose” has saved lives of countless thousands across the globe.

PORTABLE LIFESTRAW: A LifeStraw stores safely in your home, business, first-aid kit or glove box and will be there when you need them most. Each portable LifeStraw filter unit will filter at least 1,000 liters of “contaminated” water by knocking out 99.9 percent of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites. Each sip taken from a LifeStraw dipped in “nasty” water removes turbidity by filtering particles of approximately 0.2 microns in size. LifeStraw requires no electrical power, batteries or replacement parts. Simply stow it and go with it! Make LifeStraw part of your emergency preparedness plans before you find yourself high and dry on your next life adventure.


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