Mike Kordusky is a police office and professional in dog training with Mountaineer K-9 Services who has trained dogs for me. If you’re looking for a “survival dog”—one that can help you in the wilderness, by protecting you and hunting with you—he feels it’s imperative you choose a dog to fit your lifestyle. Yes, you might be selecting a survival dog, but you’re going to have to live with that dog until the survival time comes. The selection should be tempered with where and how you live, and the time you have to devote to the dog on a daily basis.

As a minimum, Kordusky believes all dogs need obedience training; they need to sit, lay down and stay. They need to do these things on or off leash. And, they need to, without hesitation, come when you call. In a few weeks, and for far less than what you’ll pay for a healthy, well-bred puppy, Kordusky can adjust your dog’s behavior accordingly. A dog that is to be a member of your survival team must be controllable to be effective.

As for training the dog to perform the tasks it was bred for, well-bred dogs do not need extensive training. Herding dogs herd, a retriever retrieves, tree dogs tree and dogs with a protective instinct will defend you without compulsion. That said, exposure to the opportunities to do all these things builds experience, and experience, with guidance from a trainer, will produce a companion you can count on. For more information, visit or call 304-756-2561.




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