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A Parks Canada wildlife conflict specialist was on a leisurely bike ride down a popular trail near Jasper, Alta, in Calgary when he was confronted by a grizzly bear.

Etienne Cardinal’s trip was suddenly interrupted when the bear came roaring out of the brush next to the trail. The biker hit the brakes, but the bear lunged at him from behind. He saw the big brown blur just as he jumped off his bike, avoiding what could have been a deadly bear hug! Cardinal began punching and protecting himself, but he was no match for the grizzly.

However, a defensive break came when the bear bit off more than he could chew. The bear hit the side of Cardinal’s backpack, trying to bite the biker, but instead bit into a can of bear spray that was stashed inside. The spray hit the bear with full force, making it difficult for the animal to see and breathe, thus ending the bear attack.

The big brown grizzly backed away from his target. Saved by the spray, Cardinal watched as the bear tore down the trail, leaving him with a scary story of survival and, most importantly, his life.


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