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Minor damage caused by April 2011 tornado at commercial customer site (CREDIT:

Mother Nature has a history of being rather difficult.

Tornadoes, hurricanes and more have hit the U.S. hard over the last several years.

The Illinois-based Safe Sheds comes with a solution for those looking to keep safe during any serious storm.

Safe Sheds are delivered completely finished, with on-site setup on a level site completed within four hours. The sheds have an attractive exterior of stucco, painted in a wide range of color to blend with their surroundings.

The interior is painted white for a bright clean appearence.

With about 500 cubic feet of interior space, the large unit provides ample secure storage, in addition to providing protection for your family from severe weather.

Safe Sheds offers two sizes: an 8’x10′ unit with 6′-8″ inside height and a 6’x6′ unit with 6′ inside clearance. Both units use a monolithic (no joint) construction for added strength and durability.

Based on FEMA recommendations, an 8X10 unit can be used as a hurricane shelter for up to five people for several days if supplied with adequate food, water and toilet facilities. For shorter duration storms, like tornadoes, the unit can be used by 14 people.

For additional security, Safe Sheds can be anchored at the corners to the lifting lugs with either screw in earth anchors or anchors set in concrete. For even more protection, earth can be placed against the sides and back wall.

Safe Sheds are maintenance free. Potential uses are unlimited, including: hazmat storage, agricultural chemical storage or electronic equipment room (with air conditioning added). The units provide secure, fire-proof storage as units are 100 percent concrete and steel.

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