Watch the video about Survive-A-Storm’s shelter designs below!

Survive-A-Storm is one of the leading engineering and manufacturing outfits for survival shelter solutions nationwide. Producing a shelter for nearly every manner of threat, ranging from massive 100-plus-capacity storm shelters capable of withstanding F5 category superstorms to family-sized bulletproof safe rooms and long-term survival bunkers that provide refuge against home invasions and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats, this company has a shelter for every kind of survivor.

After visiting the company’s manufacturing center and touring its bustling headquarters in Thomasville, Georgia, it was easy to see how in-demand sheltering systems have become for both average citizens and global corporations, as both face increasingly inclement weather and uncertain times.

No matter what your primary concern may be, when considering a survival shelter for yourself and your family, one of the most important factors to consider is the shelter’s design and construction. Survive-A-Storm is the only manufacturer in the world producing a prefabricated, steel-based, community-sized shelter, and their designs are reviewed by third-party engineers and licensed architects to ensure user safety. Survive-A-Storm is also a Producer Member of the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA), which is an industry association that formed in 2001 to ensure that the highest quality of storm shelters are protecting people from injury or loss of life from the effects of tornadoes, hurricanes and other devastating natural disasters.

A new feature on Survive-A-Storm’s website provides an industry first for preppers with the “Bunker Builder” design tool. This feature allows users to customize their future shelter to their specs and then receive a quote instantly online. Some of the bunker accessory options listed online include: NBC air filters, tiled floors, fresh-water tanks, full-sized beds, an 8kW generator and even a 42-inch LCD TV.

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Watch the video about Survive-A-Storm's shelter designs below! Survive-A-Storm is one of the leading…