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How to Survive a Lightning Strike

Everyone knows the basics of how to avoid being struck by lightning.

Don’t go for a swim and don’t stand at the top of any skyscrapers during a storm.

However, there’s a lot more to surviving a lightning strike, or avoiding one altogether, as recently outlined.

Some important pointers include:

     Large, enclosed buildings are much safer than small, open ones, such as a gazebo or baseball dugout. Enclosed vehicles with the windows rolled up are safe. Golf carts are not.

     If you make it to a house, you’d be smart to avoid contact with electrical appliances and even landline phones. You don’t want to get close to plumbing fixtures either. So don’t take a shower or wash the dishes.

But what happens if you don’t have cover or someone does get hit by lightning? Check out the rest of’s article How to Survive a Lightning Storm.

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