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Bacon DDI, a Dutch company, has developed an application the increases the chances of quickly finding and rescuing potential victims during emergency situations. The application has been created for emergency situations in industrial environments.

In an emergency, once the alarm is set off, the system is immediately activated and thus is able to give the exact location of missing individuals. This automated system will help to shorten the amount of time traditionally spent on search and rescue to allow for emergency response teams to find victims faster.

Bacon DDI spent two year developing the system, called Safe and Secure. Safe and Secure was designed to be able to trace anyone located at a plant or other industrial sites.

The Safe and Secure system works to digitize and automate the sign in process for employees and visitors at industrial sites. Sites that use a traditional paper or conventional digital sign in process do not allow those individuals to be tracked in the event of an emergency. These processes do not allow emergency response units to have have a quick and clear view of where all individuals are located at a given time, which lengthens the amount of time spent rescuing individuals and increases the risk of more serious injuries or death.

Upon each arrival with the the Safe and Secure system, each person would receive a specially developed small tracking module that could be placed on the individual’s helmet or any other garment. In the event of an emergency, when the system is activated all the people currently on the industrial site would be immediately visible on a screen in the control room. The screen would show what floor, room or hallway each person was located at the present time. Search and rescue units would be able to use these screens to see the exact location of each individual to get to them and get them necessary medical attention as soon as possible.

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