Check out India Times’ 11-point list of the tools every adventurer needs.

1.) Swiss Military Carbineer Sports Watch: “Just loop this watch around your belt — it has a luminous dial and hands for easy reading. The zinc alloy casing is tough enough to withstand shocks.”

2.) Stesalit SxTreo WP61 Rugged Smartphone: “This rugged phone looks all business thanks to the orange-black housing. It’s fully rugged (with IP68 certification), drop-proof, dustproof, waterproof and shockproof.”

3.) Eveready Emergency LED Lantern: “This handy and lightweight LED lantern is perfect to hang up in a tent because it throws light in all directions.”

4.) Collectors Heritage Windlass Ultra Multitool: “The compact folding multitool is like an entire toolbox in your palm. It has sturdy stainless steel pliers, wire cutter, knife, wood saw and a complete set of screwdriver bits.”

5.) Swiss Military Wind-proof Jet Flame Lighter: “This re-fillable windproof lighter has a triple flame design and lights up with the press of a button. The hinged cap protects the burners when not in use — especially useful if you’re carrying it on a keychain or belt.”

6.) Collectors Heritage Camp Tanto with Fire Starter: “It has a strong Tanto point with the blade coated in black epoxy for corrosion resistance. The handle is wrapped in paracord for comfort and the knife and fire starter can be stored in its sheath.”

7.) Swiss Military 8-in-1 Deluxe Card Tool: “With a slim design that fits into a regular wallet, Card Tool houses a pair of scissors, can/bottle opener, small Philips screwdriver, magnifier, ball point pen, SIM card holder and a white LED torch.”

8.) Collectors Heritage Dragon Fang: “More than the knife, the action of opening it is enough to ward off an attacker. The spring-assisted blade easily opens with the press of an index finger or thumb.”

9.) Collectors Heritage Self-Defense Impact Baton: “The heavy-duty black steel baton can be carried easily because it’s just 10-inches when folded. If faced with attacker, a quick flick of the wrist is all it takes to extend it to 26 inches.”

10. Swiss Military Dual Light Torch: “The dual-use torch is powered by 3 AAA batteries. You can either use the bright white flood from LEDs or the directional beam from the krypton bulb. A single button cycles through both modes.”

11.) Collectors Heritage Tac-Force Desert Karambit: “The Karambit has a short, curved blade made of 400 series stainless steel. It’s spring-assisted to open in a single, quick movement while the unique design allows for a super-secure grip.”

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