Serious and catastrophic events can break out at a moment’s notice. There are a number of prepper products you should have on hand to keep you and your family safe and prepared for anything. Luckily, this new survival gear comes ready to respond to your next emergency!


1.) Night Vision Depot PVS-14

Night Vision Depot PVS-14, preppers, monocular
Night Vision Depot PVS-14


Night vision is no longer just for military operators. With the Night Vision Depot PVS-14 monocular, survivalists, preppers and concerned home defenders can peer deep into the dark, utilizing cutting-edge NVD technology to crisply see objects and persons at distances both close and far away. The PVS-14 can be handheld or mounted on a firearm behind most collimated daylight aimers and reflex sights, allowing the PVS-14 to be used as both a night-vision monocular and a short-range weapon sight. A gain control gives users the ability to increase or decrease the tube gain for optimized use in a wide variety of lighting situations. All PVS-14 monoculars arrive with a soft carry case, two AA batteries, a headmount assembly, a demist shield, a shuttered eyeguard and a weapon mount. The PVS-14 measures 4.5 inches long and weighs 14 ounces.

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2.) Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

Goal Zero, generator, Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator
Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator


For power on the go, reach for Goal Zero’s Yeti 400 Solar Generator. Measuring a compact 10.25 by 8 by 8 inches, the Yeti 400 is highly portable and highly adaptable, capable of being charged via a standard AC outlet, a 12-volt car adaptor or, as the name denotes, the sun.
Once charged, the Yeti 400 will power or recharge, thanks to its multiple ports, a wide variety of electronic devices, including computers, cameras, smartphones, tablets and lights.

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3.) SureFire Maximus Vision Head Lamp

SureFire, lights, light, SureFire Maximus Vision Head Lamp
SureFire Maximus Vision Head Lamp


First came the Maximus. Now from SureFire comes the Maximus Vision, a high- efficiency, variable-output head lamp configured to deliver up to 450 lumens of warm, yellow-hued white light. Better able to penetrate dust and fog and more accurately render colors—and less-eye-straining than typical LED light—the Maximus Vision’s warm-colored light is ideally suited for medical and industrial applications and for use with groups of people. Utilizing a custom reflector, the Maximus Vision emits a wide, smooth beam that’s optimized for your field of vision to a degree of brightness easily adjustable via a large, knurled dial. Powering the Maximus
 Vision is an integral, rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed to provide years of
service. Chargers are included with purchase, and a handy fuel gauge on the lamp
gives users an accurate picture of the unit’s state of charge. With its no-chafe,
fine-weave headband and moisture-wicking Breathe-O-Prene forehead pad, the
Maximus Vision fits easily over a bare head, hats and most helmets, and is guar-
anteed to wear comfortably, even over the course of an entire day.

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4.) MTM Case-Gard Survivor Ammo Can

ammo, ammunition, survival, MTM Case-Gard
MTM Case-Gard Survivor Ammo Can


Not just for ammo,
though it’s designed
to accommodate
up to 600 rounds of
.45 ACP as well as
a handgun, the MTM Case-Gard Survivor
 Ammo Can offers
element- and dirt-proof protection for whatever essential personal property you see fit to store. Made with ultra-hard plastic, the Survivor Ammo Can features a protective cap that both drains water away from the double O-ring seal and serves as a vacuum seal when placed under the pressure of many pounds of earth, keeping the can’s interior, and your cargo, moisture and dirt free.

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5.) Blue Stone 
Safety Olive Concealment Vest

Blue Stone Safety, vest, vests, clothing, Blue Stone Safety Olive Concealment Vest
Blue Stone Safety Olive Concealment Vest


Looking to all the world like a photographer’s vest, the Blue Stone Safety Olive Concealment Vest doesn’t scream concealed carry. But, what it lacks in visibility it more than makes up for in terms of utility and conceal ability, with 12 pockets designed to carry not only your gun (or guns), but also your gear. Two interior pockets, made from heavy 1050-denier Cordura (which prevents printing) and featuring elastic bands for retention, keep your gun upright and handy for a fast draw. Made from an 80/20 blend of polyester and cotton, the Concealment Vest is rugged and stain resistant.

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6.) SOG Trident Elite

SOG, SOG Knives, knives, knife, SOG Trident Elite
SOG Trident Elite


With its 3.7-inch, hard- cased, straight-edge blade,
 a built-in slot cutter capable of slicing through thin rope, webbing and belts, and an ultra-hard grip-end glass breaker, SOG’s Trident Elite is primed to serve as your go- to emergency survival tool. Measuring 8.7 inches when opened, 4.8 inches closed and weighing 4.4 ounces, 
the Trident Elite is built tough using AUS-8 stainless steel (for the blade) and glass-rein- forced nylon (for the handle). Thanks to SOG’s patented Assisted Technology, the assisted-opening blade is quick to deploy, as befits a knife designed for split- second emergency action. Meanwhile, rubber inserts
in the grip provide for a sure hold, whatever the circumstances.

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7.) Taurus First 24 Kit

Taurus, gear, first aid, kit, first aid kit, Taurus First 24 Kit
Taurus First 24 Kit


Disasters are difficult to predict, which is why pre- disaster preparation is critical. With Taurus’s First 24 Kit, should disaster strike, you and your family won’t be caught empty-handed. In one easily portable waterproof and drop-proof SKB case are nine essential survival tools, including CRKT’s sturdy fixed-blade Sting knife, Brite-Strike’s 220-lumen EPLI flashlight and APALS LED strips, a Zippo Emergency Fire Starter, a Suunto Compass, batteries, 20 feet of 550 paracord, and, not least of all, an Aim Pro Tactical-enhanced Taurus Judge revolver chambered in hard-hitting .45 Colt/.410 shotshell. Fully equipped, the Taurus First 24 Kit is your one-stop emergency survival shop, designed to see you through the first crucial 24 hours of a disaster’s aftermath while providing dependable personal protection in the days and weeks that follow.

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8.) UVPaqlite

UVPaqlite, tent


Battery-, bulb- and electricity- free, the remarkable UVPaqlite utilizes patent-pending glow crystals to provide up to 10 hours of instant illumination. Slim and lightweight, and vacuum-sealed for easy packing and transport, the UVPaqlite recharges on exposure to any kind of light, whether natural or artificial. Moreover, it never expires, providing an undiminishing degree of warm, ambient light for as many years as you choose to own it. The UVPaqlite is available in three sizes and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

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9.) SPOT Global Phone

SPOT Global Phone, phones, phone, SPOT
SPOT Global Phone


No cell service? No problem. With a SPOT Global Phone, you can make calls from virtually any point on the globe. Lightweight, durable and easy to use, the Global Phone delivers un- blemished voice quality and among the fastest data speeds in mobile satellite technology. The phone’s 911 capability routs emergency calls to the GEOS International Emergency Response Center, which then contacts the appropriate emergency responders nearest to your location. The SPOT Global Phone also allows for texting, voicemail checks and, with a data kit, email access.

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10.) LifeStraw

LifeStraw, straw, survival, gear


Winner of Time magazine’s “Invention of the Year” award, the remarkable LifeStraw is a portable, compact and highly effective direct water filtration system. Simply dip the straw end into the body of water from which you wish to drink, and suck: Using hollow-fiber membranes, the LifeStraw filters water to 0.2 microns, removing 99.9 percent of water- borne bacteria and protozoan parasites. The choice of NGOs, travelers and backpackers worldwide, each LifeStraw will over its lifespan filter up to 264 gallons of contaminated water safely, without the use of iodine, and all the while leaving no aftertaste.

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11.) Bison Airlighter

Bison Airlighter, Bison, air lighter, lighter
Bison Airlighter


Designed for serious grillers, tailgaters and campers, the Bison Airlighter emits a high-velocity, 4-inch flame that ignites charcoal instantly, getting your grill going in minutes. The Airlighter’s super-heated, 2,600-degree Fahrenheit flame overcomes wind and rain with ease, while an integral cool air fan delivers a jet stream of air that quickly spreads the flame throughout the fuel pile, stoking the fire to high heat for the fastest possible cold-to- cook time. Portable and multi- purpose, the Airlighter can be
used in any setting (inside
the home, in the backyard
or deep in the woods), with
an adjustable hand grip that
makes it easy to maneuver
the lighter into a grill, fire pit
or fireplace. The Airlighter
is also safe: Its barrel is air-
cooled and remains cool to
the touch at all times, and a
child lock prevents accidental activation. Powered by an integrated, rechargeable battery, the butane-fueled Airlighter provides up to 15 minutes of constant burn time.

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12.) BeamLokr SG12 Tactical Shotgun Light Attachment

BeamLokr SG12 Tactical Shotgun Light Attachment, light, lights
BeamLokr SG12 Tactical Shotgun Light Attachment


Most home invasions happen at night. As such, it’s prudent to have a flashlight within easy reach, or, better yet, mounted on your home-defense weapon. If your gun of choice happens to be a shotgun, consider BeamLokr’s SG12 Tactical Shotgun Light Attachment unit. Made in the U.S. with high-strength plastic, the SG12 features eight industrial-strength magnets that cling to your shotgun’s barrel with 26 pounds of attachment force. Literally free floating (the magnets hover a few thousandths of an inch above the barrel’s surface, preventing scratching), the SG12 can be connected to your shotgun at a variety of points to meet a variety of needs. The highly adaptable SG12 accommodates a wide range of flashlights brands and models. And though it’s designed for shotguns, with its magnet attachment system, the SG12 can be mounted securely on other kinds of firearms and tools.

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13.) Survival Grips

Survival Grips, Grips, Grip
Survival Grips


Survival Grips are new, innovative foregrips 
with a detachable finger guard/knuckles option. With the flip of a switch, Survival Grips can
help enhance your ability to defend yourself by giving you an advantage over your opponent by increasing the power behind your hand-to-hand combat skills! Survival Grips are made out of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 hardened aluminum with a polycarbonate shell and will attach to any fire- arm with a Mill-Std-1913 or Picatinny rail system. Survival Grips can help to improve the accuracy, control, safety and security of your firearm.

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14.) MealSpec Heater Bag

MealSpec Heater Bag, MealSpec, heater, bag, bags
MealSpec Heater Bag


A remarkable mobile oven, the MealSpec Heater Bag goes from 0 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit in only 12 seconds, flamelessly heating your meal thoroughly, boiling water or sterilizing utensils when you’re crunched for time. Thin and lightweight, MealSpec’s Heater Bags provide up to 12 minutes of heat, and also serve as a handy trash bag when you’re finished eating. MealSpec Heater Bags are easy to use: Simply open the resealable top, insert the heating device, insert your food, add water to the fill line to activate the heater, close the bag and wait. In five to 10 minutes you’ll have at your disposal hot food or water.

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15.) JASPak 300 Solar Generator System

JASPak 300 Solar Generator System, generator
JASPak 300 Solar Generator System


The JASPak 300 Solar Generator System is a reliable, solar-chargeable backup power source for household objects both large and small. Every JASPak 300 Solar Generator System comes complete with a 153 amp-hour AGM battery; a 300-watt, 72-cell, monocrystalline solar panel; a solar panel mobility kit with wheels and full tilt for tracking
the sun; an 1,100-watt pure sine wave inverter; a 30-amp MPPT solar charge controller; a home charger and battery maintainer; and a battery and charge monitor. Made in the U.S., the JASPack 300 is backed by a one-year warranty, and purchasing customers are eligible for a federal tax credit totaling 30 percent of the purchase price.

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