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There are hundreds of possible survival knots, but according to blogger Alec Deacon, there five of particular importance. “If you master these 5 knots, you`ll be able to manage rope and paracord like a pro, in any survival situation.”

The first is the Figure Eight On A Bight. “The benefits of this knot do not stop at its simplicity,” Deacon writes. “You`ll be amazed to hear that it preserves 85% strength of the rope, so it`s a good, solid AND easy knot anyone can make in an emergency situation.”

The second is the Figure Eight Follow Through. “It`s usually used for tying two ropes together,” Deacon says. “It may take you a bit of practice at first, but don`t worry, you`ll figure it out before you can say ‘Figure Eight Follow-Through Knot.’”

The third is the Two Half Hitches: “This knot helps you tie the paracord to any tree or pole securely. So if you need to climb down a cliff to rescue someone or to get food or if you want to tie secure something to a tree, this is the knot you`ll need.”

Fourth is the Overhand Knot (aka the Transport Knot), and fifth is the Bowline, a knot that’s “as simple as it gets.”

For Deacon’s full run down on the five necessary knots and step-by-step instructions for tying, visit

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