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The Bowline knot is “as simple as it gets.”

There are hundreds of possible survival knots, but according to blogger Alec Deacon, there five of particular importance. “If you master these 5 knots, you`ll be able to manage rope and paracord like a pro, in any survival situation.”

The first is the Figure Eight On A Bight. “The benefits of this knot do not stop at its simplicity,” Deacon writes. “You`ll be amazed to hear that it preserves 85% strength of the rope, so it`s a good, solid AND easy knot anyone can make in an emergency situation.”

The second is the Figure Eight Follow Through. “It`s usually used for tying two ropes together,” Deacon says. “It may take you a bit of practice at first, but don`t worry, you`ll figure it out before you can say ‘Figure Eight Follow-Through Knot.’”

The third is the Two Half Hitches: “This knot helps you tie the paracord to any tree or pole securely. So if you need to climb down a cliff to rescue someone or to get food or if you want to tie secure something to a tree, this is the knot you`ll need.”

Fourth is the Overhand Knot (aka the Transport Knot), and fifth is the Bowline, a knot that’s “as simple as it gets.”

For Deacon’s full run down on the five necessary knots and step-by-step instructions for tying, visit

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