bug-out bag guide
Photo by ESNGENT.be
Bug-Out bag guide Infographic

Prepper J at Prepping To Survive recently came across a sweet poster that gives a thorough rundown of everything you need in your bug-out bag. He’s generously shared it with the world.

The Essentials for a great bug-out bag covered in this infographic are:

Light, durable bag

Save your own skin

Bait, Dont be Bait

Signal, Repair and Nurse

Shelter and Observe


Most Often Overlooked Items

Hard to live without tools

Full-tang medium knife

It even narrows down the location of items: On Person, Exterior Pocket, Bag Interior.

And most of the supplies can be purchased online at www.BudK.com and www.CHKadels.com

Check it out: www.prepping-to-survive.com. Image source: http://esngent.be/first-aid-kits-can-help-save-lives/

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Bug-Out Bag Guide
An Infographic Guide to the Essentials in a Great Bug-Out Bag


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