Here, in descending order, are 10 ordinary objects that could serve as lifesavers in the event of an emergency, according to

10.) Sanitary Pads | Bleeding Wounds Treating

Pads are quick ways of stopping bleeding.

9.) Compact Mirror & Whistle | Fire And Rescue

A mirror and whistle can attract the attention of rescue teams.

8.) Super Glue | Emergency Wounds Suture

No stiches? No problem. Just adhere the laceration with super glue.

7.) Gunpowder | Sterilizing And Cauterizing Wounds

Gunpowder isn’t just for firearms. It’s also a useful way of sterilizing a wound.

6.) Charcoal & Cheesecloth | Water Purification

With a cheesecloth placed atop it, charcoal can be used to filter and purify water.

5.) Chewing Gum | Suppress Appetite

Chewing gum suppresses your appetite while increasing saliva production.

4.) Vinegar | Antibacterial And Microbial

Vinegar is commonly used as a household cleaning agent. Guess what, it can also clean wounds!

3.) Condoms | Water Storage

Condoms can hold up to a gallon of water. They’re also waterproof—use them to keep dry valuable electronic equipment.

2.) Harmonica | Maintaining Focus And Concentration

Music helps maintain focus while minimizing anxiety. Playing a harmonica will help keep you sane in a stressful situation.

1.) Baking Soda | Reliever of Upset Stomachs

Baking soda relieves your upset stomach. It also suppresses fires, preserving your water for drinking.

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