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Photo by Rescue Essentials
Rescue Essentials' Active Shooter Event Moulage Kit

Rescue Essentials — a Colorado-based manufacturer and distributor of emergency medical products ranging from first aid basics to advanced trauma treatments — has released their Active Shooter Event Moulage Kit.

According to the press release, this product provides the end user with the easiest possible way to apply the moulage needed to simulate the injuries most often encountered in an active shooter event, such as entry and exit gunshot wounds, and lacerations from a knife. The Active Shooter Event Moulage Kit comes with gloves, clean wipes, various application tools, and stage blood which allows for realistic application of blood splatter after the application of wounds. Simply put, this kit provides everything you need to apply, remove and clean up moulage, making it ideal for any training exercise. It is available for purchase at a manufacturer suggested retail price of $395.00.

Rescue Essentials offers a number of different high quality products at extremely affordable prices, delivered in a timely manner with a flat shipping rate of $4.99 to addresses within the United States, regardless of the size of the order. The company focuses on preventable death in the tactical emergency casualty care, working with thousands of different customers on custom solutions for all of their medical kit needs. Their unique approach has made a number of their products a favorite among EMS personnel, law enforcement agencies, elite security forces and tactical medics.

For more information about the Active Shooter Event Moulage Kit, and the full range of products currently offered by Rescue Essentials, please visit

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