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Southwest Electronic Energy Group: POW-R Tote

Southwest Electronic Energy Group (SWE) — a Texas-based manufacturer of high reliability, customer-specific battery packs and chargers — has released the POW-R Tote, a rugged, lightweight, 12V/100Ah portable power system.

According to the press release, the POW-R Tote was originally used by law enforcement for quiet electrical energy during long stakeouts, but it is now available for use by police agencies, first responders, military, fire/rescue operations and a variety of other field applications. Roughly the size of a lunchbox and weighing just 23 pounds, the POW-R Tote utilizes Lithium-Ion battery technology to deliver 2x longer run time and 2x more power at half the weight when compared to the standard 12V lead acid battery.

This power system is housed in a heavy-duty, water tight Pelican Storm Case which is specifically designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

“Two power connectors come standard: An automobile 12v auxiliary outlet (car plug) powers and recharges cells phones, notebook computers, tablets and other low power devices,” the press release reads. “An Anderson SB50 Powerclaw connector is also provided for higher power gear like surveillance, drugs test kits and power tools. SWE will configure-to-order other connectors and energy capacities to meet customers unique needs. Recharging POW-R Tote is easy with an external 115V/240V AC adapter that plugs into any outlet.”


* High Capacity: 100Ah
* Lightweight: Only 23lbs
* Compact: Size of a lunchbox
* Eco-friendly
* Pelican Storm Case: Heavy duty, water tight


* Voltage: 16.8V max, 14.8V nom, 12.0V min
* Capacity: 100Ah, 1.5 KWh
* Max Continuous Current: 40A
* Power: 600W
* Weight: 23lbs
* Dimensions: 11.8″x9.8″x7.7″
* Operating Temperatures: Charge = 0ºC to 45ºC, Discharge/Storage = -20ºC to 50ºC
* Gauge: Voltmeter
* Intelligent Battery Management System: Integrated
* Charger: 115/230V AC Adapter

For more information about the POW-R Tote, and the full range of products currently offered by Southwest Electronic Energy Group, please visit

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