Portland, Oregon-based manufacturer Coast Products is releasing two new folding knives designed for heavy use within the building, remodeling, hardware and home improvement industry: the BX300 and BX315.

According to the press release, these knives — built to withstand extreme weather, environmental, or jobsite conditions — come with blades made of 9Cr18Mov stainless steel. They feature hard nylon fiberglass filled inner frames covered by a non-slip Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) outer layer. The knife blades are heat-treated, tempered, and sub-zero quenched, and will maintain their maximum hardness and edge-holding capability. In addition, both the BX300 and BX315 folding knives come with an easy-to-operate back-lock for additional safety. The BX300 has a blade length of 3 inches, an overall length of 7.125 inches open, and a weight of 1.6 ounces. The BX315 has a 3.25-inch blade, is 8.625 inches overall and weighs 3.6 ounces.

“Backed by extensive in-field and lab testing, Coast’s new knives not only have superior cutting capability, but they’re the most durable knives we’ve ever designed,” remarked David Brands, President of COAST. “Our customers work in some of the harshest man-made and natural environments, including extremely arid jobsite situations, areas that are continuously wet or humid, and environments with a lot of debris, mud and dirt. These new knives are the ones construction crews and do-it-yourselfers can rely upon, when other knives might not hold up. Our new knives make work easier, safer and more comfortable than ever before.”

Specifications: BX300 Folding Knife

* Blade: 9Cr18 stainless steel
* Rubberized grip
* Handle: TRP over hard nylon frame
* Length: 3.0 in. blade; 7.125 in. overall
* Weight: 1.6 oz.

Specifications: BX315 Folding Knife

* Blade: 9Cr18 stainless steel
* Rubberized grip
* Handle: TRP over hard nylon frame
* Length: 3.25 in. blade; 8.625 in. overall
* Weight: 3.6 oz.

For more information about the BX300 and BX315 folding knives, and the full range of products currently offered by Coast Products, please visit

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