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VisionLink — a Colorado-based company that provides their CommunityOS software to nonprofits and government organizations for community resource management, disaster relief solutions and more — has unveiled OEM Shelter, a free app which gives continuous updates into disaster shelters as they are opened the United States.

According to the official listing in the App Store, this app has a list view which lets the user look at open shelters by state, get the latest information about a disaster via the Red Cross Disaster Online Newsroom, and donate to help the American Red Cross respond to those in need.

OEM Shelter also has a map view which enables the user to zoom into their local area and get critical details about open shelters, including the agency managing the shelter, the shelter’s capacity and current population, the associated disaster event, the time of the last update, the address of the shelter, and driving directions from the user’s location.

OEM Shelter provides information about open shelters using the American Red Cross National Shelter System (NSS), which has information about over 60,000 potential disaster facilities and is used to track and report on any and all available shelter information as disasters are occurring.

As the App Store listing notes, this app only provides information about open shelters. Shelters are open and closed in accordance with local needs, and the information about open and active shelters is updated at least once per day.

For more information about the VisionLink OEM Shelter app, please visit To learn more about the full range of services currently offered by VisionLink, please visit

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