Australian commuter train leg stuck
Commuters push a Perth train off of one passengers leg.

Dozens of passengers came together Wednesday to help a man who got his leg stuck between the gap of an Australian commuter train and the platform.

The incident took place at a train station in Perth. The man’s rear foot slipped off of the train and into a gap measuring just .4 inches wide. His foot continued to drop until his leg was trapped up to his thigh.

As the incident unfolded, another commuter quickly signaled a station worker to hold the train.

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     Passengers were initially told to move to the opposite side of the train in the hope their weight would shift it away from his leg, a passenger who gave his name as Nic told The West Australian newspaper.

When the shift in weight didn’t work, passengers got off of the train and lined up along the side where the man’s leg was stuck. Approximately 50 commuters pushed the train to the opposite, which freed up enough space for the man to remove his leg.

“It is the first time we’ve seen something like this happen,” Transperth spokeswoman Claire Krol told AFP.

“We were really fortunate that the staff were there straight away … and all of the passengers not only listened to the instructions from staff, but pitched in and helped,” she added.

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