Tactical ResQHook
Photo by Worldwide Disaster Response Group

The Tactical ResQHook™ has been instrumental in saving lives around the world since it was introduced by Worldwide Disaster Response Group (WWDRG).

The ResQHook’s sharp blade allows it to easily cut through webbing, rope, nylon line, leather, electrical flex, and clothing. The serrated ripping edge has been designed to cut through almost any material and in number of different rescue situations.

The ResQHook’s deeply curved and hook-like blade also helps to prevent risk of injury to the rescuer or rescuee.

The Tactical ResQHook has an all black blade and handle. The Tactical ResQHook is available for $159.96.

WWDRG specializes in designing and manufacturing the highest quality, most dependable emergency, disaster, and mass fatality response equipment for fighters, defenders, and responders.

For more information about the Tactical ResQHook and WWDRG and their other products, visit WWWDRG.com.


  • Blade: 420 Stainless Steel – Full Tong T-Section Construction
  • Handle: Anti-slip High Impact Nylon Polymer with Shackle Hole
  • Tested: To in excess of 1,000 lbs of lateral pressure
  • Certified: To Medical Device Directives and HTM2030 at 273° F
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