Staying hydrated is one of the keys to survival in any situation, and Phoenix Armor now makes that easier with its body-temperature-regulating Swamp Cooler T-shirt.

Drinking water is a hard-won resource whether you’re in the backwoods or sheltering in place during urban unrest, and the Swamp Cooler ensures that that water isn’t wasted through unnecessary perspiration.

This utility undergarment can stand up to hard use and will help maintain your body temperature through ribbed channels in the fabric that keep your body 55-percent cooler than normal clothing.

In a bug-out situation, tensions are running high—and so is your body heat. The Swamp Cooler T-shirt is made from a fast-drying textile that minimizes the moisture and friction experienced by your skin. It requires no special laundry care, will not stretch or lose fit through its use, and is resistance to bacterial growth, all features that make it a must-have for preppers looking to minimize their bug-out bag’s clothing selections.

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Swamp Cooler Features

• Patent pending ribbing
• Fastest drying textile
• Highly breathable
• Maintains body hydration
• Antimicrobial
• Easy care
• Lightweight
• Color fast
• Retains shape
• Sensorial enhancement
• Maintains body thermoregulation

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