Copperhead Snake Virginia
Photo by Forest Wander; Cross Lanes, USA
Virginia Sees 50 Percent Increase in Copperhead Snake Bites

Experts are trying to figure out why bites from copperhead snakes have increase in areas of Virginia during 2014.

The University of Virginia School of Medicine’s Blue Ridge Poison Center has seen more than 100 patients in 2014, a 50 percent increase over the previous year, according to The University of Virginia has seen an additional 16 patients.

“It could be because there is a population increase, that’s possible. It’s also possible that people are just more active in copperhead territory. Copperheads typically dwell in wooded areas so it’s possible that with good weather people are just more active outside,” Raina Krasner, Outreach Coordinator for The Wildlife Center of Virginia told

     Copperheads are just one of three venomous snakes in Virginia. They’re relatively small, stretching only about 24-36 inches.

“Now, this isn’t a snake that’s very likely to kill you. It’s very unlikely to result in death in the patients, so relax in that aspect but it could result in some morbidity, meaning your foot is going to swell, your hands are going to swell,” Dr. Nathan Charlton, Physician at the University of Virginia Medical Center told


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