Waterwise 1600 Non-Electric Distiller lead
Purified Water Anytime with Waterwise's 1600 Non-Electric Distiller

Purified water should never be a concern for survivalists, which is why Waterwise has developed the Waterwise Model 1600 Non-Electric Distiller.

The 1600 Non-Electric and Portable Distiller is simple and fast. It delivers up to 16 gallons a day of pure, safe water — almost silently — with or without electricity, making it ideal for any outdoor situation.

The all-stainless-steel distiller has no moving parts. The two modular parts are pre-assembled, so set-up of the 1600 Distiller is a breeze.

A countdown digital timer is also included with the 1600 Non-Electric Distiller for trouble-free monitoring.

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The 1600 Non-Electric Distiller is designed to consistently provide pure steam-distilled water on a conventional heat source. The distiller can also use alternate heat sources, such as a wood or coal stove, or a gas or charcoal grill.

Originally priced at $449, the Waterwise 1600 Non-Electric Distiller is now on sale for $387.

Waterwise, based out of Leesburg, Fla., has been around for more than 35 years. The company has five different series of water distillers to choose from, along air purifiers, shower filters and a number of other products.

For more information on the 1600 Non-Electric Distiller and other products from Waterwise, please visit Waterwise.com.

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