Long Island-based company Sea Eagle knows water products better than most.

Sea Eagle recently released a high-performance, inflatable kayak that can withstand Class IV whitewater or ocean waves.

The all new Sea Eagle Explorer 300x is a single-seat kayak that is lightweight and ready for the rapids.

Designed for serious whitewater and ocean kayak paddlers, this expedition quality kayak weighs a mere 28 pounds and can carry a max load of 350 pounds. Utilizing a superior high tensile strength 1,000 denier  coated fabric, the Sea Eagle Explorer weighs far less and is far more portable than most kayaks. Measuring just 24 x 16 x 6 inches when deflated, the 300x even fits in a backpack with a seat, paddle and pump with plenty of room for extras.

The Explorer 300x  is 9-foot-10 long by 39 inches wide.

The Explorer 300x features large 11.5-inch diameter inflatable tubes, 16 open or shut drain valves for dry paddling on open water (valves shut) and self-bailing during whitewater and ocean kayaking (valves open) and a large removable rear skeg (not used in whitewater) produces straight and true tracking while on open waters.

The unique features of the Explorer 300x allow the single-person kayak to offer the best of both worlds, self-bailing in up to Class IV whitewater or ocean waves and a dry, fast traveling open water kayak that tracks exceptionally well.

A high pressure drop-stitch floor with multiple side cut-outs for the 16 open or shut drain valves also sets the Explorer apart from other inflatables. The floor not only increases the rigidity and efficiency of paddle strokes, but even allows the kayak to double as a SUP.

Made to accommodate one person, the new Sea Eagle Explorer 300x joins Sea Eagle’s line of existing boats and kayaks, including its two sisters, the Sea Eagle Explorer 380x (12-foot-6 long) and Sea Eagle Explorer 420x (14-feet long).

The Sea Eagle Explorer 300x starts at $899.

For more information on the Explorer 300x and other products from Sea Eagle, please visit

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